In the video.. Students in Lebanon use donkeys to go to school

In the video.. Students in Lebanon use donkeys to go to school
In the video.. Students in Lebanon use donkeys to go to school

A video clip has spread on social media platforms in Lebanon, documenting the suffering of some parents in Lebanon, in getting their children to school, where they had to use donkeys for this purpose.

The video showed two men riding donkeys in the Bekaa region (east), accompanied by 5 children on their way to school, before a person stopped them and asked about their conditions.

This is due to the high cost of school buses that transport children, due to the high cost of gasoline, as prices reached about one million Lebanese pounds, per student.

The two men were not identified by their names, but one of them said that they had to transport their children to school on donkeys, because the cost of the bus had become exorbitant and amounted to one million pounds for each student. anyway”.

One of the people commented, “We have to call them on donkeys as sand in the future, so they don’t see donkeys.”

In turn, the other man complained of the great collapse of living that the Lebanese suffer from, and appealed to “the countries of the world to look at the situation of the Lebanese and their children.”

He added: “We can only drive our children to school through animals,” wondering: “What will we do during the winter and rainy season?”

The cost of transportation in Lebanon has risen to an unprecedented level, whether by private cars or by public transportation such as buses, after raising fuel prices more than 12 times within a year.

The price of a can of gasoline (20 liters) was in September 2020, about 25 thousand pounds (about 16 dollars), while its price today has become about 303 thousand pounds (about 200 dollars), after the government gradually reduced subsidies to import fuel, and the collapse of exchange rates.

As for the price of a diesel canister, it reached 270,000 Lebanese pounds ($178), after it was about 15,000 pounds ($10) a year ago, according to the Anatolia News Agency.

For two years, the Lebanese have been suffering an unprecedented severe economic crisis that led to a record collapse in the value of the local currency against the dollar, which was reflected in a decline in their purchasing power, and a record rise in poverty rates.

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