Abacus Fury: If Khatab kicks

Abacus Fury: If Khatab kicks
Abacus Fury: If Khatab kicks

After a difficult period and a lot of pressure, Bnei Yehuda returned to smile and big today (Friday) when they defeated Hapoel Afula 0: 5 in the national league, but also recorded towards the end an unpleasant moment on the grass in Bloomfield.

The Oranges received a penalty, Obeida Hatab took the ball and kicked it against the coach’s instruction, who was furious and shouted from the bench: “Tell Hatab that if he kicks he will go home.” The brake kicked and missed, but the referee ruled on a re-kick that Amit Zanti took and scored the fifth.

On the professional side, Aboksis’ team recorded only its second victory this season and hopes to produce continuity, in order to get out of the bottom area and get closer to the top, with the club’s big goal of course being to return to the Premier League.

There was also an exciting moment in the game, when Eliran Atar, who scored a double, dedicated his goals to his father, who was helped by a wheelchair and he ran to him to celebrate with him. Then Atar He wrote on social media: “My father is all my world, only health.” The player received a series of comments and their sons: “You are a king”, “Only health”, when some of the footballers also responded to the post.

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