“I heard funny things about my departure”

A little over two months have passed since the surprise farewell announcement of Fall Finish And Bnei Yehuda, and the connection has not yet found a new group. The one who scored the decisive penalty in winning the cup in 2016/17 and was destined for greatness among the Goldens and Maccabi Netanya left the football fans only with an official announcement that spoke of “personal reasons” and without much explanation. Now, in an interview with the sports channel, he is trying to dispel the fog a bit.

“It was announced that my departure is for personal reasons. If I list them now, then they will no longer be personal. All in all, I asked to be released from the club for my own reasons and here it ends. I have a lot in life, “Finish clarifies and also speaks of the rumors that have spread about his departure,” of course both me and my relatives have heard things some of which are even funny, but this is life. At this point I prefer to keep my privacy. “

You could say that at the moment my career is at a crossroads, “Finish continues,” after ten years in the Premier League and one season in the national team, I am currently without a team and looking for the next challenge. This is not a simple situation, but I accept everything with great understanding and believe that I will soon sign in a new place. There were a number of offers after I left Bnei Yehuda, but not something that I really think suited me both professionally and financially. “The only thing that kept me from playing until now was that there was no offer that would challenge me, that I thought would do me good for the rest of my career.”

Finnish. Brought to Bnei Yehuda Cup in 2017 (Alan Shiver)

Finish is currently keeping fit at Maccabi Yavne, training with a personal trainer to prepare himself for the next challenge: What I gave of myself. Of course sometimes making the wrong decisions can lead to other places, but I really have no regrets and misses at this stage of myself. “And to be back in good and high places in football. Of course I wanted to get to higher places, but I’m happy for my part. I’m sure the good is still ahead of me.”

Despite the situation he is in, Finish is sure he will return to the highest levels, but knows it can take time: “Obviously my ambition is to return to the Premier League because I am confident in my abilities and know where I fit in, but I am not cut off from reality and know that sometimes life “Others, so I am looking for a team that will give me a professional challenge to succeed. Of course the financial side is also taken into account, so I do not rule out anything and everything is open. I also believe that I will sign in the place that is best for me.”

Coming soon in a new group? (Udi quote)

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