Emirates News Agency – Etisalat concludes its participation in GITEX 2021

Emirates News Agency – Etisalat concludes its participation in GITEX 2021
Emirates News Agency – Etisalat concludes its participation in GITEX 2021

Supporting government agencies with the fifth generation, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Fifth generation electric flying cars with a maximum speed of 160 km per hour.

Drones supported by the fifth generation fly for 6 hours continuously.

– The latest services, technologies and smart solutions for people of determination.

– 850,000 subscribers to the fifth generation by the end of the third quarter of 2021.

– 91% of the population coverage of the fifth generation networks in the country.

ABU DHABI, 22nd October / WAM / Dr. Ahmed bin Ali, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Etisalat Group revealed that the company has provided nearly 120 smart solutions, services and technical innovations in its pavilion at GITEX 2021, some of which appear for the first time in the world. Supported by the fifth generation network of Etisalat, which serves government and private agencies to take advantage of these technologies to enhance their efforts in the field of digital transformation and improve the services they provide to individuals and societies.

The “Etisalat” pavilion at GITEX 2021 was divided into several sections, including the sectors of mobility, healthcare, business, smart retail, smart education, smart home, smart city, smart services for municipalities and others, to form the pavilion a window on the future of all these sectors.

Bin Ali noted the company’s continuation to work in accordance with its strategy of “leading the digital future to empower societies”, as Etisalat’s participation in GITEX this year came under the slogan “Empowering the digital age with the fifth generation network and future technologies” in an effort to support the government’s aspirations to maintain the country’s leading position The UAE and in line with the requirements of the current stage led by 5G network technologies, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, robotics, cloud computing, big data, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, and cloud solutions to change our lifestyles and our future for the better.

In the transport sector, the Etisalat pavilion has demonstrated the extent to which the future of the sector depends heavily on the fifth generation network, due to its huge network capabilities and high communication speeds. If the concept of connected and autonomous electric vehicles can only be completed with high network capabilities and a large and instant communication speed, which is What Etisalat provides through the 5G network with very low latency.

This year, the Etisalat pavilion featured new mobility models and an integrated set of intelligent transportation solutions that will change the features of the mobility sector through electric and self-driving vehicles, vertical take-off and landing flying cars, mass transit cars, retail vehicles, and highly advanced level drones. The smart transportation solutions supported by the fifth generation network contribute to easing traffic congestion, achieving road safety, reducing emissions, improving air quality and improving the experiences of the community and the people of the country.

The mobility section included the first electric flying car, which features a fully electric take-off and landing with a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour supported by the fifth generation network from Etisalat, and Mercedes-Benz self-driving cars, including those equipped with artificial intelligence technology and adaptive programming, allowing the owner the freedom to choose from a range of Functions and entertainment options, in addition to the self-driving bus with a smart and safe system that can be used to move within the city and in universities, and it embodies sustainable transportation methods by taking advantage of the low latency of the fifth generation network and its ability to send and receive data seamlessly.

Etisalat presented the self-driving Doosan drone with a flight capacity of 6 hours and the ability to continuously fly in flights and contribute to solving problems and securing areas, and it is operated by the fifth generation network and artificial intelligence, where the maximum benefit is made of this aircraft by obtaining data with a bandwidth. Very high with a response time close to zero, which is provided by “Etisalat” networks. The wing included the “Wing Copter” drone, which is the first aircraft that allows 3 parcels to be delivered to multiple locations during one flight independently, and is equipped with artificial intelligence technology to identify objects and shapes to allow them Extremely accurate landing capabilities.

In smart retail, the company has provided a variety of innovative solutions that allow transforming traditional experiences in the sector into digital models such as smart shopping carts, self-driving vending machines with artificial intelligence, order delivery robots, smart payment solutions in stores, food and beverage outlets, lifestyles, and connected fashion. The suite has advanced use cases for computer technologies and how they are combined with smart payments features from Etisalat, which has proven its ability to provide complete and comprehensive solutions in this field with advanced solutions such as wearable devices and facial recognition technologies for payments.

Visitors to the exhibition were able to view the Caper smart shopping cart powered by artificial intelligence technology, and the augmented reality shopping experience of the innovative Mojix service with a dashboard that simulates all transactions, through Fujitsu biometrics solutions that allow completely contactless identity authentication, in addition to the smart service for payment of purchases. From Bizerba, the advanced “Kiwi Bot” for delivery service, which relies on the largest robotic delivery infrastructure in the world, which transforms the latest technologies into reality, such as self-driving and remote driving with the support of the fifth generation network. The pavilion also presented the Vicki self-powered vending machine with artificial intelligence; and Pickey’s Smart wearable that records all of the user’s movements. SuperHii technology has also highlighted smart payment solutions, and can be combined with Etisalat’s smart solutions such as eWallet and Smiles app.

For lovers of coffee and fresh juices, Etisalat offered a range of solutions for self-contained vending machines such as Ella, Knext and Alberts, another example of the potential of technology to change the retail sector .. Also, this year, Etisalat showcased smart garden solutions from Natufia, highlighting the importance of the Internet of Things And devices connected to the Internet contribute to obtaining fresh vegetables daily.

In the robotics section, the pavilion showcased the best 5G robotic solutions that can change the future of the mobility, healthcare, retail and education sectors, in addition to meeting the needs of people of determination, highlighting a new era of communication technologies that positively affect individuals, companies and societies.

Human-like robots attracted the attention of many visitors to a communications booth, with the details of bones, skin, and facial expressions that are just like humans and their ability to welcome visitors and talk to them with complete professionalism, such as the Roboy robot that moves easily and smoothly to highlight how to help patients from a distance.

Etisalat also offers solutions directed to facilitate movement and mobility for people with special needs in complete independence, such as the Human in motion robot, which highlights the development of assistive technology and the next generation of robotic solutions, as it allows natural walking and self-balancing capabilities for people with physical disabilities.. Alba robot is one of the mobility solutions Self-designed to support passengers with reduced mobility to become more independent, especially in hospitals, airports and museums.. The pavilion displayed the Haptx glove, which is a unique model that allows 133 tactile and sensory sensations in each hand, achieving a new level of realism and a natural feeling in the sensory and tactile properties of the hand. Use it for training and design using virtual reality techniques.

Among the solutions provided by Etisalat to the business sector is the MELTIN robot, which can be remotely controlled in a dangerous work environment without any delay in response time, which demonstrates how to take advantage of the 5G network in advanced technologies for remote work.. The Etisalat suite included solutions A virtual reality robot, such as the SenseGlove glove, which enables remote touch and recognition of the shape, hardness and resistance of objects, which contributes to improving health care services and others.

The assistant robot from Huawei provided another example of how to use these robotic solutions that require accuracy and human skills in commercial and industrial fields, supported by accuracy and instant response via the fifth generation network, in addition to the tactile robotic arms from Shadow Robotics, the first haptic robotic system in the world that allows the user to be anywhere in the world and feel the reaction of the robot remotely.

The pavilion demonstrated the tremendous potential of the 5G network in the healthcare sector, to provide support to clinicians and patients and improve operations in terms of accuracy, efficiency and cost, such as telehealth solutions, telesurgery, robotic-assisted surgery, use of wearable devices to monitor health conditions in real time, and solutions Health care that integrates virtual and augmented reality technologies, among others.

The communications suite included the Future Hospital from BEC, which includes a surgical robot, a bed with a robotic arm, and a robotic X-ray imaging device. The suite included a Doosan robot that can perform sensitive operations and work accurately remotely with the support of surgical experts.

Etisalat provided visitors with the opportunity to witness the Robogym, the first personal training robot with the ability to store trainees’ data on the cloud and equipped with sensors to track the user’s movement in real time.

For people of determination, the company has provided them with the latest services, technologies and solutions in order to enable them to move, move and communicate in an optimal manner, whether through smart prosthetics or smart sticks, or sensory gloves with virtual reality technologies and other smart solutions to facilitate their lives and make them happy and facilitate their societal integration in all fields.

The number of Etisalat’s 5G mobile subscribers reached 850,000 by the third quarter of 2021, and the population coverage rate of 5G networks in the country is currently 91%, which confirms the company’s endeavor to continue spreading the latest network technologies in the country.

Etisalat was named the “fastest mobile network in the world” for the year 2021 and for the second year in a row by Ookla in recognition of its continuous efforts in developing networks and investing in one of the world’s most advanced networks.

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