Warning to 2 billion Google Chrome users about five hacks

Friday, October 22, 2021 06:50 AM

Google has warned of five major flaws in Chrome that could expose users of the popular web browser to hackers, and the search giant urged all 2.6 billion Chrome users to update their software now to protect themselves from attacks, according to Thesun.

Google has revealed that five security vulnerabilities rated “high” have been found in Chrome, along with 11 other flaws.

They were reported to the US tech giant by independent researchers as part of a bug bounty program.

The program rewards “white hat” hackers – those who use their hacking skills for good – for finding potentially dangerous bugs in Google programs.

As usual company practice, Google provided restrictive details about errors in its blog post.

This is to ensure that hackers can’t detect it before users have a chance to update their browsers.

What we do know is that of the five highly rated vulnerabilities found, three include so-called “Use-After-Free” (UAF) exploits.

Source: Technology: Warning to 2 billion Google Chrome users about five hacking attacks

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Warning billion Google Chrome users hacks

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