Raiding his house is an insult to Benin, Akkar and all of Lebanon

The media office of Representative Hadi Hobeish announced that he “visited representatives of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the residence of former MP Khaled al-Daher in Benin, and expressed the position of Prime Minister Hariri, who denounced the raids of al-Daher’s house and the house of al-Daher’s families and brothers in Benin, and the arrest of his two brothers and nephew, and the confiscation of guard weapons.” Especially since Daher’s security situation is known to be a target.”

Hebeish considered that “the incident is not an insult to Daher only, but also to Benin, Akkar and Lebanon as a whole, and that it could have caused a massacre between the army and the people of the region, had it not been for the restraint and the kindness of God.”


Raiding house insult Benin Akkar Lebanon

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