The most prominent alternative computer operating systems to Windows

The most prominent alternative computer operating systems to Windows
The most prominent alternative computer operating systems to Windows Microsoft’s Windows is one of the most used computer operating systems around the world, and it tops the list with 75.4 percent.

It is followed by the Mac system for Apple devices only, and then the unknown systems in the list, and these are the most famous:

Alternative operating systems for Windows

ArcaOS . Operating System

This operating system is based on the latest OS/2 version from IBM and ArcaOS has always been in development cycles.

The system also offers Spanish and German versions that are currently under trial and scheduled for release in the next update.

ArcaOS contains a powerful Unix-compatible subsystem, which includes a set of Linux portable applications and some drivers.

The system comes with a 32-bit architecture that runs on an x86 processor architecture, and although its original file system is JFS, it can run on the FAT32 file system.

There are two versions available: the personal version at $129 with 6-month support, or the commercial version at $229 with one-year support.

ReactOS operating system

ReactOS is based on the Windows NT architecture on which all modern Windows versions are based.

It is an open source system designed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications.

The system contains some of the most popular open source applications such as LibreOffice, Firefox, Opera, and others.

Wayne OS

It is considered one of the most prominent modern operating systems, as it was designed based on the open source Chromium OS kernel, but the system works with the usual x64 kernels instead of Chromebook.

Instead of a traditional installation, the system is designed to be installed on bootable USB drives, and two versions of Wayne OS are available, free or paid.

Linux operating system

One of the most popular free operating systems and the first alternative to Windows. If you want to use it, we recommend Linux Mint, which is currently the most widely used distro. The system in general has a very active community across the web.

KolibriOS . operating system

KolibriOS is written in the FASM assembly language and based on the MenuetOS source code. It runs without installation and gives you access to a number of useful applications. FAT and NTFS file systems are supported.

It contains a number of drivers for audio and video hardware and yet it doesn’t support productivity apps much, but it’s the best system for playing old games.

Haiku operating system

It is a free and open source operating system that was first released in 2001. Since then it has seen continuous development and runs many applications. Like VLC music and video player app and some other popular apps.

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