Google Maps brings widgets feature to save time

Google Maps brings widgets feature to save time
Google Maps brings widgets feature to save time

Widgets have become one of the most prominent features that many different applications and operating systems focus on.

Google Maps is one of the last apps that try to take advantage of this feature. This is to help save users time on the go.

Use widgets in Google Maps app

According to recent reports, Google Maps v11.3.0 comes with a widget feature. appears on the main application screen.

There are also five widgets that you can view on the home screen, which are basically shortcuts to a selection of features.

New widgets include directions, driving mode, location sharing, seeing friends’ location and viewing local traffic.

However, these shortcuts are very simple compared to other Google applications It allows you to pin a lot of widgets to the home screen.

Also, you can install only eight Maps widgets Google’s new update aims to help you use the app on the go. And the lack of the need to open the application and search for the aforementioned shortcuts.

You can use these shortcuts directly from the phone’s home screen and use the search bar and other shortcuts.

This is to help you find key locations around you, such as restaurants, gas stations, groceries, and more.

You can also customize these widgets as easily as changing the size of the widget and it seems that the number of widgets available depends on the amount of space on the phone’s home screen So far it seems that the limit for setting shortcuts on the home screen is only eight widgets.

The company has started rolling out the update to users now, and the new update is expected to be available for all phones running Android 11 in the coming weeks

According to XDA Developers, the widgets come with the same dynamic features as phones running Windows 12.

Tips to get the most out of the app

The Google Maps application has a large list of features that improve the user experience, but most of them are not visible, as Google hides some of the most important features of the application in the settings.

Such as the use of augmented reality technology to provide real-time information on the move> The feature also makes it easy to locate places that you might be interested in visiting such as restaurants and famous landmarks in the area.

And know the expected distance when you want to go to another point from your current location. With the distance measurement feature, you can use this feature for many daily scenarios and on the go.

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