Thailand allows tourists from the UAE to enter its territory

Thailand allows tourists from the UAE to enter its territory
Thailand allows tourists from the UAE to enter its territory

Thailand has announced its desire to receive air travelers from a total of 46 countries, which have low numbers of coronavirus cases, as of November 1.

The list of 46 countries, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, includes the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Chile and Bhutan, as well as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries in the European Union.

The Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-ocha, said in a post on his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, late Thursday, that this plan came in addition to a previous plan that was to allow arrivals from only about ten countries to enter Thailand at first. The number has been increased, while many countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia, have announced a similar strategy, according to Bloomberg News.

Chan-ocha wrote on Facebook Thursday evening that travelers must be fully vaccinated and have a negative test for the Corona virus, before they leave.

Before their arrival, another test is mandatory, after which travelers do not need to be quarantined to go to 17 places, open for tourism, so far, including Phuket Island, the capital, Bangkok, and the Chiang Mai Cultural Center in the north.

And the “Bangkok Post” newspaper wrote Friday that it is still not clear whether that list of Thai destinations will be extended or not.

Thailand should move faster, he said, “as waiting for the perfect situation will slow us down a lot. Tourists may decide to choose other destinations.”

He added that moving faster may increase the risk of new infections rising, but this is “a risk we need to accept.”

About 38% of the population in Thailand has received a full vaccination against the Corona virus so far.

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