Egypt News.. Ministers’ Information: The digital health sector in Egypt is witnessing significant growth

Egypt News.. Ministers’ Information: The digital health sector in Egypt is witnessing significant growth
Egypt News.. Ministers’ Information: The digital health sector in Egypt is witnessing significant growth

Over the past few hours, the seventh day has published more important news and reports.

Ministers Information: The digital health sector in Egypt is witnessing great growth and tangible development

It became clear that the outbreak of the “Covid-19” pandemic contributed to accelerating digital innovation at an unprecedented pace, with the aim of improving the level of health care, as digital health relies on the use of artificial intelligence techniques, mobile computing, and wearable devices, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of health care. Thus, the digital health sector has become a fast growing and developing.

Gold prices rise by 4 pounds.. 21 karat records 782 pounds per gram

The price of gold in the Egyptian market rose today, Friday, by 4 pounds in the goldsmiths market at the time of writing these lines, with the global price of the yellow metal rising to levels of 1791 dollars, which was reflected in the price of gold in Egypt to record 782 pounds per gram of 21 karat, which is the most popular in the market.

To escape from the crowds.. Know the most prominent alternative ways after the closure of one direction on Haram Street

The Traffic Operations Room is following up the movement of cars in all axes and roads leading to the work area of ​​the Mariouteya metro station, after it was completely closed for one direction on Haram Street and its intersection with Mariouteya Road in the direction of Giza Square only, for the construction of the Mariouteya metro station within 6 metro stations that were handed over to the executing company of the fourth metro line tunnels.

Government activity in a week.. 11 meetings and 12 decisions.. Infographic

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers published a report that included infographics, in which it shed light on the weekly harvest of the Council of Ministers, during the period from 16 to 22 October 2021, which included the approval of a number of decisions, as well as the meetings and meetings held by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister. In addition to his activities,.

Captain of Engineers: New gas discoveries save hard currency

Engineer Hani Dahi, head of the Syndicate of Engineers, said that God loved Egypt with a great abundance of gas after several new discoveries that made a big leap and provided hard currency, in addition to giant housing and service projects, such as: Administrative Capital And the city of El Alamein and the new cities that were built on the desert backs of some of Egypt’s governorates, describing this as a cultural shift that future generations will feel, as happened previously when the Suez Canal was dug and touched this achievement by generations that came after that, and the canal became the fixed income that brings Egypt revenues in currency foreign.

Endowments: Providing more than 100,000 Azhar uniforms within a year for the first time in the ministry’s history

Within the framework of the Ministry of Awqaf’s keenness to provide the appropriate Azhar dress for imams, the Ministry of Awqaf will start on Tuesday distributing the third uniform for imams, where 5,000 new uniforms will be distributed as a first batch of the third uniform, and 4,000 turbans for imams as a first batch of turban distribution for this fiscal year 2021/2022. Later, we will publish the names of the imams, the directorates, and the dates of distribution of this batch.

Musimani is considering pushing Walid Suleiman as a key player in the Al-Ahly match and the Niger champion

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Mosimane is seriously considering using Walid Suleiman, the team’s player, in the starting lineup for the team’s match tomorrow, Saturday, against the National Guard, the champion of Niger, in the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League.

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