Pedersen comments on the Syrian constitution talks… “a great disappointment”

Pedersen comments on the Syrian constitution talks… “a great disappointment”
Pedersen comments on the Syrian constitution talks… “a great disappointment”

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The envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General to Syria, Geir Pedersen, announced today, Friday, that the participants in the session of the mini-committee of the Syrian Constitutional Committee did not agree, during their meeting in Geneva, on the date of the next round of negotiations.

“No, we did not agree on the date of the next round,” Pedersen said at a press conference in response to a question in this regard. He added that the current round of constitutional committee talks did not achieve any results and was disappointing.

Earlier in the day, the government’s co-chair of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, Ahmed al-Kuzbari, announced that the new round of meeting of the Constitutional Committee’s small group will be held in late November or early December in Geneva.

“We are now discussing the date of a new meeting, which will be in November, or most likely late November – early December,” Al-Kuzbari said in a statement to “Sputnik”.

During the past few days, the small constitutional committee discussed 4 principles: sovereignty (presented by the government delegation), the army, security, armed forces and intelligence (presented by the opposition), the rule of law (presented by the civil society delegation), and terrorism and extremism (presented by by the government delegation).

The UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, had confirmed that the government and the opposition had begun a drafting process for constitutional reform in Syria, in this round.

The Syrian Constitutional Committee, consisting of representatives of the Syrian government, the opposition, and civil society, officially launched in Geneva on October 30, 2019, to draft a new constitution for the country.


Pedersen comments Syrian constitution talks great disappointment

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