For the first time in two years, one death due to Corona in Saudi Arabia

Today, Saudi Arabia recorded one death, for the first time since the outbreak of the Corona virus, about two years ago, while critical cases witnessed a significant decrease in the number of cases, reaching 77 critical cases, after they were previously recording large numbers.

Today, Friday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the registration of 51 new confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19), bringing the total number of cases in Saudi Arabia to 548,162 cases, and 59 new cases of recovery were recorded, bringing the total number of people recovered to 537,208 cases.

The report revealed that a new death was recorded, bringing the total deaths from the virus to 8,774, in addition to 77 critical cases.

The Ministry of Health called for completing immunization with the second dose of the Corona vaccine, to contribute, God willing, to the prevention of mutant mutations, urging people to register quickly in the “My Health” application or the “Tawakulna” application to obtain the Corona vaccine.

The statistics of the Ministry of Health revealed that the doses of the vaccine against the Corona virus given in Saudi Arabia exceeded 45 million doses. And she stated, through her official account on the “Twitter” website, that these doses were given “through more than 587 vaccination sites in all regions of Saudi Arabia.”

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