Clarification statement from the Association of Private Pilots in Lebanon

The Association of Private Pilots in Lebanon issued a clarification statement regarding the report issued by the media platform “spot shot” under the title “What’s new about the crash of a “case plane”… How did Ali and Pascal die?! (Video)”.

The statement stated:

First – that the report contains many inaccuracies that have nothing to do with the truth. Rather, the association considers that the report is based on inaccuracies and nothing more.

Secondly – it is not possible at the current stage to come up with definite results before the issuance of the official report, which is usually built on the basis and then the facts before coming out with definite and confirmed conclusions.

He added, “In addition, immediately after the tragic accident, the Civil Aviation Authority established an investigation committee headed by Captain Mohamed Aziz, the most experienced in this matter and appointed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which began its work immediately and without delay.”

The statement pointed out that “determining the cause of the accident with two hypotheses that have no third one a week after the accident is a departure from all norms and procedures followed when a similar accident occurs, as it is exclusively for the specialists to issue the initial report that specifies the hypotheses before coming out with a final result, and Everything that is contrary to that is classified within the media heresy, which has no aim but to agitate the souls by broadcasting false news and attacking one of the oldest and oldest aviation clubs, which has not witnessed any accident since its inception, that is, for more than fifty years.

He continued, “The association considers that publishing the picture of the pilots in this position does not indicate any professionalism, as it violates the feelings of the families and friends of the victims. We demand that the pictures be removed immediately out of respect for those who died, their families, and all pilots.”

He concluded, “Therefore, and out of respect for the souls of fellow pilots who died in this tragic accident, the Association of Private Pilots in Lebanon wishes to be very careful and careful before publishing any news, especially with regard to the world of aviation, in the interest of the truth and the safety of the investigation and out of respect for the pain of the pilots’ families and colleagues.” .

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