Trump and “Truth Social” | Middle east

Trump and “Truth Social” | Middle east
Trump and “Truth Social” | Middle east

Former US President Donald Trump announced the launch of his own social networking application entitled “TRUTH Social Truth Social”, indicating that he will challenge major social media companies, such as “Facebook” and “Twitter”, after they prevented him from interacting on their platforms.
CNBC quoted a press release issued by the Trump Media and Technology Group owned by him, Digital and World Acquisition, which are private acquisitions, in which it announced that the new application would be created by a new company formed under the merger between the two companies.
This step, as the famous American astronaut Armstrong said, is a small step for a new company, but it is a big leap for the whole world, and there is no exaggeration or exaggeration in this.
This movement comes after the exposure of the giants of “Social Media”, led by “Facebook” and “Twitter”, and the bias of the managers of these companies to certain ideas and trends, and the “fighting” of all those who do not agree with these ideas, and why Twitter has written off and “executed” Trump’s account from the platform, except for the brightest evidence of the danger of enabling these companies to control what is said and not said and the nature of the discussion to be spread.
President Trump commented on this move by saying, “I am excited to be sending my first facts on TruthSocial soon. The Trump Group for Media and Technology was formed to give everyone a voice.”
The value of the deal is $ 1.7 billion, and the “Truth Social” application is scheduled to be launched beta for invited guests next November, to be followed by a nationwide rollout in the first quarter of 2022, and the new network will be distinguished that it has plans to introduce a video subscription service On demand, it offers entertainment programmes, news and podcasts.
We do not know whether this company will succeed in imposing itself on the scene and crowding out “Facebook” and “Twitter” and others, but it is certain that the current situation has become dangerous and it is not permissible to remain silent about it.


Trump Truth Social Middle east

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