Al-Daher reveals the raid on his house and his possession of weapons: Our region escaped a disaster

Activists circulated on social media an audio recording that was said to belong to former MP Khaled Al-Daher, and the latter’s comment is shown on The raids carried out by the army intelligence Recently, in a residential complex in the Benin area – Akkar, against the background of the problems of Wadi Al-Jamous two days ago.

According to the audio recording, Al-Daher confirmed the information that spoke of the raids on his house and the house of his brothers in Benin, stressing at the same time that “the confiscated weapon is a licensed weapon”, but at the same time revealed the presence of “RPGs and ammunition”. He added: “I think that there is no politician or citizen in Lebanon who does not possess weapons in order to defend his home.”

Al-Daher explained that “a number of young men unrelated to weapons who were present in his house were arrested, as were his two brothers and nephew.”

Al-Daher considered that “the region survived an inevitable disaster and massacre,” noting that “there were attempts to divert attention from the dispute between Christians and Shiites that took place in Tayouneh and to provoke a battle in the Sunni square.”


AlDaher reveals raid house possession weapons region escaped disaster

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