Olmert “If Saar’s law was 3 years ago – Israel would be somewhere else”

Olmert “If Saar’s law was 3 years ago – Israel would be somewhere else”
Olmert “If Saar’s law was 3 years ago – Israel would be somewhere else”

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert referred in an interview with Guy Peleg on Radio 103FM to Gideon Saar’s initiative to prevent a prime minister with an indictment from serving:

Olmert added: “There are restrictions in Israeli law that make it impossible to run in the Knesset elections, and that is certainly acceptable. The Supreme Court has already ruled that a government minister with an indictment cannot continue to serve. “One person. The cumulative price of the state as a result is greater than the continuation of his tenure.”

According to the former prime minister, “We do not have personal elections, so with all due respect to the candidate, this is not necessarily proof that the candidate himself receives massive personal support.” Olmert noted that in his opinion, “the ombudsman has made concessions to Netanyahu more than ever.” There is a very large and complex system here of dozens of attorneys discussing the issue. If at the end of the process, the ombudsman decides to prosecute a person, he is not serving at that time and therefore the populist claims have no basis. “

“In this case, the right balance between the various interests of the public certainly justifies the move taken by Gideon Saar. If it had existed three years ago, the State of Israel would have been in a completely different place in terms of clean public processes and internal balance that we so strive for and need,” Olmert stressed.

“The possibility of Israel living under a nuclear threat changes the rules of the game”

On the security situation and Israel-Iran relations and nuclear weapons, Olmert said: “I think someone should lead the move, political or otherwise, it is the United States, and I think that will be the case in the end. I suggest not talking, not bragging, and not presenting a public consciousness that Israel and you went to attack. The possibility that the State of Israel will live under the threat of nuclear weapons changes all the rules of the game. I believe we have the opportunity to prevent this situation. “

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“When I was a senior minister, the opinions given to us by the most competent authorities were that in 2008 Iran would have a nuclear capability. We have done many different and varied things quietly that have delayed this process dramatically. The less we talk about it will benefit,” the former prime minister revealed.

He further referred to the rationale behind the publications: “It is quite clear to me that if such news is spread it has probably been censored and there is a policy decision to give public expression to this matter. To warn, warn, intimidate, I do not know exactly what, but I recommend avoiding all things “It’s unnecessary and it’s seen as a desire to put pressure on the Biden administration. We did it with Obama and I’m not sure it should be repeated.”

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