Shooting in Haifa • A debate in a pub led to the withdrawal of weapons – Haifa

The police reported to Haifa – News Corporation:
Police arrested tonight (21/10/21) in Haifa, 2 residents of the village of Abu Sanan on suspicion of firing in the air during an argument with others outside a pub in the city.

The police opened an investigation tonight, upon receiving a report at Hotline 100 regarding gunfire in the air near a pub in the lower city of Haifa.

The investigation shows that while the suspects were spending time in a pub in the lower city, an argument broke out between them and others in the area, when according to the suspicion during which one of the suspects broke his personal weapon and fired into the air.

Haifa police officers who were called to the scene, searched for the suspects, residents of the village of Abu Sanan in their 30s and arrested them near the scene when the weapon was seized and confiscated.

Depending on the development of the investigation, the police will decide whether to request an extension of the suspects’ detention in the Magistrate’s Court in Haifa.

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