Egypt..a diabolical plan for a strange crime carried out “unconsciously” in Alexandria

Egypt..a diabolical plan for a strange crime carried out “unconsciously” in Alexandria
Egypt..a diabolical plan for a strange crime carried out “unconsciously” in Alexandria

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Alexandria Security Directorate in Egypt has succeeded in uncovering the mystery of the murder of a young man by beheading and stabbing with a white weapon inside his house.

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It turned out that the perpetrator of the incident was an electrician from the Giza governorate, located at the instigation of the victim’s wife.

By examining the crime scene, it was found that the body of the victim – fully clothed – was lying between the kitchen and the bathroom in the aforementioned apartment – amid a pool of blood, with a slit wound to the neck and scattered injuries all over the body, and there were no stolen items.

By asking his invited wife, she accused unknown persons of knocking on the door of the house at dawn, and when she opened them, they hit her on the head, chanting: “Let the earth benefit your husband” – according to her saying.

The wife added in her statements to the record that he passed out after that, and they stabbed her husband – her cousin – in his bedroom in the chest, but he resisted them and they kept chasing him until the kitchen and he breathed his last.

Investigations revealed that an electrician, residing in Giza Governorate, committed the crime at the instigation of the victim’s wife, after she got to know him through the social networking site “Facebook”.

Investigations revealed that the victim’s wife had created an account on “Facebook” under a pseudonym and pictures of a girl of great beauty, and she got to know the accused and claimed that she was a miss and their relationship strengthened through social networking sites until he offered her to marry.

According to the investigations, the wife stopped communicating with the accused for a while, then returned to tell him that one of her relatives sexually assaulted her and made her lose her virginity to marry him against her will. She asked the latter to get rid of him until she succeeded in convincing him.

Investigations confirmed that the wife gave the accused her home address and her husband’s name – as he was her rapist – and agreed with him that her relative would open the door for him at dawn and hand him a knife to kill him.

It turned out that the accused came from Giza and remained sitting at a cafe near the victim’s house until dawn, and the wife opened the door to him and handed him a knife with which he stabbed the wife while he was sleeping, but the latter continued to resist until he slaughtered him near the kitchen.

The investigations triggered a surprise that the accused met the wife without knowing her at the door of the house – because her photos on Facebook were fabricated – and she gave him the knife he used in the crime to kill a man he did not know.

In order to conceal her crime, the wife asked her boyfriend to tie her up and throw her in front of the house, and she claimed an untrue story, and the accused was arrested in coordination with the Giza Investigation, to discover the diabolical plan prepared by her friend and carried out unconsciously.

Source: Masrawy

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