Russia defends severing ties with “NATO”: the right decision

Russia defends severing ties with “NATO”: the right decision
Russia defends severing ties with “NATO”: the right decision

Russia has defended its decision to cut ties with NATO, in response to NATO’s new strategy against Moscow.

The Kremlin said, on Friday, that the adoption of a new strategy focused on Russia confirms the correctness of Moscow’s decision to cut ties with it.

“There is no need for dialogue in these circumstances, and the adoption of such a principle by NATO confirms this once again,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added at a press briefing.

He continued, “Russia has never had any illusions about NATO. We know the nature of this alliance. This alliance was not formed for peace, it was conceived, designed and created for confrontation.”

NATO defense ministers this week approved a new master defense plan to counter a potential Russian attack on multiple fronts, reaffirming the alliance’s primary goal of deterring Moscow despite its growing focus on China.

Days before that, Russia cut ties by closing its diplomatic mission to NATO and its headquarters in Moscow, after it expelled eight Russians accused of spying.

Moscow’s decisions come against the backdrop of the deportation of eight members of its mission to NATO earlier, accused by the alliance of espionage.

Recently, press reports said, that NATO decided to reduce Russia’s mission to it, and expelled 8 of its diplomats.

A report by the British “Sky News” network indicated that NATO decided to reduce the Russian mission in Brussels and expel eight diplomats, on suspicion of “hostile activities”.

“NATO will also cancel two other diplomats’ posts in the Russian mission,” he added.

Deborah Haynes, Defense and Security Editor at Sky News, wrote in a series of tweets on her Twitter account, followed by “Al Ain News”, that “NATO’s decision came in response to suspected Russian hostile activities, including murder and espionage.”

“The two posts that were abolished are currently vacant,” she added, “no one was holding at the time of the decision,” and the eight Russian diplomats who lost their accreditation are expected to leave Brussels by the end of the month.

For its part, NATO commented on the Russian position, explaining that it was aware of the statements of the Russian Foreign Minister, but did not receive any official communication after Russia said that it would suspend the activities of its mission to the Western military alliance.

A spokesman for the alliance said: “We have taken note of Minister Lavrov’s comments to the media, but we have not received any official communication on the issues raised by him.”

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