It hurts us, Eli wounded the soul

It hurts us, Eli wounded the soul
It hurts us, Eli wounded the soul

After being careful for years to keep quiet and not making her voice heard, Ravit Raz-Hachmon broke down. Ravit has been accompanying her husband Eli Hakmon, a former football referee, for 30 years, when the two have been together since the age of 16. This time she decided it was time for them to hear the side of the family, the woman who is usually behind the scenes.

Ravit had a very difficult time last month with Eli. Her mother was anesthetized and breathing for about two and a half weeks in a hospital, along with the explosion of the audiotape from the game between Betar Jerusalem and Hapoel Beer Sheva when Hakmon was part of the judging panel that sat on VAR.

The judges’ union decided to investigate the leak case and hired the Weizmann Forest Investigation Office. But to Ravit Raz-Hachmon, the lawyer by education, something did not assume, and even before the affair gained momentum, she told Eli: “We take the best lawyers and investigative firm, for the sake of caution, just in case.”

Now for the first time, Ravit Raz-Hachmon Speaks and recounts after the difficult period she was going through, when she got up at seven over her mother. Ravit says in an exclusive conversation with ONE: “For many years we were silent, you never heard me. I knew the judges’ union would not protect us, so I told Eli ‘only we will defend ourselves’. I realized that so many factors had access to this tape. I am a lawyer and an experienced student, and exactly what I thought would happen happened. “For years we have been absorbing threats, unpleasant things, forgetting that there are families behind the judges, there is a person here who has people behind him with feelings, there is a way here how to behave, it hurts us.”

Hachmon continues to roll out her side to an affair that excites the judges’ union: “Even though my mother was in hospital and we were in a difficult period, when they called to summon Eli for questioning, he did not evade. In the polygraph that was passed to him, he was asked sophisticated questions, such as ‘Have you ever committed an act of loyalty to your employer?’, After which they called Eli and manipulated him. They told him ‘you should not come again’, after that they called again and said ‘yes you will come’, when in the tone of the speech they told him ‘I offer you one last time to come, I have to submit the report tomorrow and go abroad’, and we are home Patients with everything they go through. ”

She added: “They slapped Bali ‘you are telling a lie’, treat him like a criminal. Why from the beginning did not come and tell him ‘you are lying’ as they claim, which turned out in the test we did as something wrong. To date, Eli has not been shown the test procedure and the results. “On the other hand, I underwent a polygraph examination on our own initiative with a former man who was the chairman of the Israel Polygraph Examiners’ Association, with clear questions. He is a truth teller.

Ravit recounts in great pain in her voice: “How lucky I was to tell Eli to initiate our own investigation (hire the private investigation office INTERNATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY LTD”, headed by Moshe Boller) – Eli is very heartbroken, and I do not know how it would have ended. We gave to the interrogation office that we rented, on our behalf and of our own free will, my personal computers, Eli’s, the children’s, also the cell phones, we have nothing to hide. Nothing was found. The union could hire an expert in computers and everything related to it, and they could find out who leaked. Anyone who knows Eli knows that he has never been able to do such things. “Also in the check that Eli did on his own initiative, he was asked whether he passed the file on his own initiative to media people or social networks, and of course the answer was no and he was found to be telling the truth.”

Ravit is angry and asks: “Everyone knows that there was access to the file in question for a lot of people, why do not publish the names and everyone involved, someone pulled the files, why are only judges treated when there are quite a few other factors and people who had access?”.

Ravit also describes what her husband Eli is going through: Eli gave his whole life, his soul to the Union of Judges. Even today despite what they do to him, he loves the whole issue of judgment, and is willing to continue to contribute and help the union from his knowledge and experience, seeing continuity despite everything that happens. There are a lot of resentments in the union, leaks, quarrelsome people. ” Ravit Raz-Hachmon is sure: “Everyone knows who distributed the tape, they know it’s not me, but it’s convenient to distribute it to me.”

In conclusion, it is important for Ravit to note that: “At the same time, over the years that I have accompanied Eli, there have been good people in the Union of Judges, whom I have known over the years. Some have passed away as well, some are active today within the union, I love and respect them. “There are other ways, correct, legal professionalism, humanity that could have acted, to deal with this thing.”

Response from the Weizmann Forest Investigations Office: “It simply came to our notice then. The behavior in front of a sage was done properly, sensitively and carefully. All our actions are documented and, if necessary, it will be possible to prove it. “

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