Morocco .. Discrepancy regarding the “compulsory” passport for vaccination against Covid-19

On Thursday, Morocco began working on the “vaccination permit” against Covid-19, to exempt from the precautionary restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, such as movement between cities and deserts, travel abroad, and entry to public administrations, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and closed spaces in general.

Moroccans differed in their opinions regarding the mandatory step, which the government said came “to reinforce the positive development of the national vaccination campaign (…) and in accordance with the recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Committee.”

According to the decision, the government assigned the responsibility of monitoring citizens’ carrying out the vaccination permit to officials in public administrations, hotels, restaurants, cafes, closed spaces and shops.

In an article, the doctor, expert in health systems, Tayeb acidi, stressed the importance of this measure “to accelerate the return to a normal life”, and “to protect the non-attached themselves, their surroundings and the general population from the danger they pose,” according to AFP.

However, the decision provoked some negative reactions on social media, claiming that it is a “restriction of freedom”, and given that vaccination remains optional, which was reflected in some areas that witnessed crowds to obtain vaccinations.

For its part, the Moroccan newspaper, Hespress, spoke of problems accompanying the implementation of this decision, which it described as “hasty” and the lack of public participation in its adoption, the authorities authorized to monitor, the protection of personal information, and the possibility of fraud.

She said that she had conducted an experiment that revealed that the electronic application of the passport shows the full name, identification card number, and the type of vaccine used, which some object to, as it discloses personal information to parties not authorized to know this data.

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights said, in a statement, Thursday, that the decision “is a blatant violation of constitutional and universal rights, foremost of which is the right to the sanctity of the body and a violation of freedom of movement and movement.”

The Secretary-General of the Party of Progress and Socialism, Nabil bin Abdullah, denounced the “sudden form” in which the government approved the decision and its implementation, saying: “A decision of this size cannot be issued overnight, without giving citizens an opportunity to absorb it and explain its dimensions,” according to Hespress newspaper. .

The newspaper also quotes the former parliamentarian, Amina Maa El-Enein, as saying: “Granting the authority to monitor the health passport to people who do not have the capacity to control poses a legal problem.”

She added, “It is difficult to implement the decision, especially in cafes and restaurants whose owners have been greatly affected by the pandemic, so how will they ask their customers to permit vaccination?”

More than 21 million people have received both doses of the vaccine, according to the latest official tally. Nearly 800,000 of them benefited from a third dose, which began in early October.

It is noteworthy that the number of daily infections and deaths resulting from the epidemic decreased in the Kingdom, recently, after a significant increase during the summer.

However, the Ministry of Health warned, last Monday, that the possibility of the emergence of a new wave “remains present”, renewing its call for the unvaccinated to expedite the vaccination and respect the precautionary measures.

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