In Lebanon, an American was determined to reject Iran’s offers!

In Lebanon, an American was determined to reject Iran’s offers!
In Lebanon, an American was determined to reject Iran’s offers!

It was stated in “Central”:

Regarding the file of demarcating the maritime borders between Lebanon and the Hebrew entity, I attended the dire electricity crisis and ways to solve it, in the discussions of the US State Department’s Senior Adviser for Energy Security, Amos Hochstein, with Lebanese officials. According to what informed sources told Al Markaziya, the position conveyed by the American envoy was both lenient and firm:

The man told those concerned that the United States would turn a blind eye to any “technical contact” between Beirut and Damascus, which might be necessitated by the process of dragging Egyptian gas to Lebanon through Syria and Jordan. A statement issued by the office of the Minister of Energy and Water, Walid Fayyad, confirmed that “the discussion with Hochstein dealt with solutions for the energy sector, especially the initiative related to the import of gas from Egypt and its replacement in Syria through the Swap technology and the import of electricity from Jordan through Syria. The round was positive on all issues related to the issue of energy and finding solutions to complete the agreement as soon as possible, and the possibility of accelerating the financing of the necessary financing for concluding this agreement.” Fayyad thanked “Hockstein and Chia for the efforts that are being made with the World Bank, especially that the United States of America is one of the largest contributors to this institution, which paves the way for the progress of the agreement to complete the financing of this project,” adding, “Hockstein informed Fayyad of good new news that the administration The United States has issued a message of reassurance that secures the protection of the project and the parties involved in it from the repercussions of the Caesar Act sanctions.”

But in return for this flexibility, the sources continued, the American guest stressed, firmly, the need for the Lebanese state to confront the pressure exerted by Iran’s allies in Lebanon, to impose cooperation in the energy field, between official Lebanon and Tehran, in the form of buying Iranian fuel or building Iranian power plants. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, spoke about her a few days ago from Lebanon.

For his part, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri raised, during his meeting with Hochstein, “the importance of excluding Lebanon from the controls of Caesar’s Law on the issues of importing Egyptian gas and electricity from Jordan.” According to the Information Office of the Second Presidency, “the US envoy to President Berri reflected an optimistic atmosphere about positive progress on these headlines.”

However, what was not mentioned in the statement, the sources add, is the American insistence that Washington will not help a country that leaves its arena and economy open to the “enemies” of the United States and its opponents, who are subject to harsh sanctions. The diplomat paused at this point and told his hosts: Either you are with us or you are against us, at least on the issue of “energy.” He added, “The option that we propose and facilitate, is supposed to contribute to a “good” solution to the electricity crisis, at least in the current stage, and is therefore supposed to coincide with a cessation of all state practices, or rather “outsiders” of “popular” and political burning, by towing an Iranian diesel tank. From here, and gasoline from there, otherwise the softness of Washington will change.”

Will the people of the system understand the message and will take practical steps in line with it?

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