The Russians are ahead of us, get more money and fast

The Russians are ahead of us, get more money and fast
The Russians are ahead of us, get more money and fast

Under the above title, Vasily Zaitsev wrote, in “Gazeta-Ru” about the deception of the announcement that the United States was behind Russia in nuclear space technologies.

The article stated: The United States lags behind Russia and China in nuclear space technologies, according to American experts who spoke to members of Congress. In their opinion, given the slow pace of development in this industry, Washington will not be able to fulfill its plans to send astronauts to Mars in 2033.

Speaking to Congress, experts expressed concern that the United States was falling behind other countries. Senior Advisor to NASA President Bhavya Lal told members of Congress: “Our strategic competitors, including China, are actively investing in a wide range of space technologies, including nuclear power and nuclear engines. This should help them realize their ambitious plans for a long existence. “It is the duty of the United States to evolve rapidly to maintain competitiveness and leadership in the space sector.”

When talking about Russia, Lal was more specific. “Russia has a large-scale program to develop nuclear electric propulsion systems. I can’t say how far they have gone, I don’t have such data. But it seems to me that their program at the moment is more advanced than ours.” “.

The expert in the field of astronautics and founder of the open space society, Vitaly Egorov, agrees that Russia is ahead of the United States in some space technologies. But he calls for reservations about the words of American experts. In his opinion, such data is used to obtain financing. And he said:

“This is a familiar pressure. They hint: Look, the Russians are outperforming us, give us more money as soon as possible, so that we can develop this trend in our country and catch up with the Russians. This is a traditional tactic, in Russia they say exactly the same: Look, now the Americans will release artists to Space, let’s launch them before them. That’s the essence of the space race, transcend the competitor, and if there is no competitor, it should be invented.”

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