The death of an Afghan expatriate with tourists… When his sponsor, “Resident of Sajer” was informed, it was a surprise!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A traffic accident occurred in Al-Asyah, which resulted in the death of an Afghan expatriate working with a company operating in the province.

In detail, the body of the expatriate was deposited in the mortuary in order to complete the procedures for compensation and transfer the body, and after contacting the sponsor of the deceased who resides in the city of Sajer, he was surprised by the news that the worker with the name is following his sponsorship, and that he is alive and well, and is present next to him at the moment of contact.

It is noteworthy that the fingerprints of the deceased and a DNA sample were taken, when some relatives of the deceased presented his real personal documents, to show that he had a fake residency and driver’s license, and that the deceased had previously entered the Kingdom two years ago on an Umrah visa, according to “Al-Riyadh” newspaper.

For his part, the sponsor of the real expatriate, Salman bin Bejad Al-Otaibi, who resides in the village of Al-Manjour in the city of Sajer, said that the traffic of tourists contacted him informing him of the death of his sponsor, a heavy transport driver named Muhammad Alem.

He explained that his guarantor was alive and well before him, while it was found that the deceased had a forged residence permit, reproduced from his residence itself.


death Afghan expatriate tourists sponsor Resident Sajer informed surprise

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