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Al-Marsad newspaper: The British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that the expectations of Professor of Risk Management at the British University of Bristol, Philip Thomas, are always accurate in relation to the Corona pandemic.

And the newspaper pointed out that last July, when the British authorities lifted the majority of restrictions on the Corona virus, and many thought it was a reckless move, Thomas wrote that Britain would not see a large wave of the epidemic, according to Sky News.

Thomas stated that he was confident of the results because of a mathematical model he had prepared at the university to plot and predict the epidemic.

The results, according to “Daily Mail”, were impressively accurate, while government advisers warned of a rocketing rise in injuries as a result of the easing of restrictions, Thomas said that injuries would decrease, which is what happened.

Currently, many in Britain are talking about a difficult period ahead in the face of the epidemic, and among them is the British Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, who said that this week will be more severe in his country with the increase in daily infections.

As for Philip Thomas, he believes that the numbers do not tell the whole story, especially in the case of the current expectations, stressing that there have been great changes since the difficult days of last winter.

He pointed out that vaccination operations in Britain broke the chain between infection and the rate of serious injuries and deaths.


British expert blows pessimistic expectations Corona AlMarsad newspaper

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