Climate warming threatens global stability

Climate warming threatens global stability
Climate warming threatens global stability
melting ice

A US intelligence report confirmed that global warming threatens global stability, indicating an increased risk of conflicts due to lack of water and migration movements after 2030.
And weeks before the COP26 climate conference, which will be launched in the Scottish city of Glasgow in early November, US intelligence said that “the geopolitical tension will exacerbate because there will be differences between countries over how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.”
The report, which includes the summary of investigations by the entire US intelligence community, added that the melting of the ice in the Arctic “essentially increases strategic competition for access to its natural resources.”
Elsewhere, with rising temperatures and more extreme weather extremes, “there is an increased risk of water conflicts and migration, especially after 2030,” according to the report.
The intelligence added that most countries “will face difficult economic choices and will likely rely on technological advances to reduce their emissions quickly, but at a later date,” warning that geoengineering techniques aimed at manipulating and changing the climate and environment may also be another source of conflict.
Thus, a country could “unilaterally test or even deploy solar energy technologies on a large scale to counter the effects of climate change if it considers that other efforts to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius have failed,” the intelligence explained.
“Without an international agreement on these technologies, we consider that such a unilateral effort would be counterproductive” for the country, she added.
The report said that after 2040, the least developed countries will be the least able to adapt to climate change, which will increase the risk of instability or even civil war in these countries.


Climate warming threatens global stability

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