The photographer who was killed in the shooting of the set: one of the most promising talents in Hollywood

The photographer who was killed in the shooting of the set: one of the most promising talents in Hollywood
The photographer who was killed in the shooting of the set: one of the most promising talents in Hollywood

Alina Hutchins, 42, who died from a bullet fired from Alec Baldwin’s weapon on the set of the movie “Rust,” was born in Ukraine and moved to the United States to film in Hollywood a few years ago. , And directors and colleagues praised her and testified to her unique style

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| Posted 22/10/21 08:36

Alina Hutchins. “Boils that such a thing could happen on a set” | Photo: instagram

Filmmaker Alina Hutchins has not shot many well-known films in her career, but her exceptional biography, distinct talent and unique photography style have marked her as one of the most promising photographers in Hollywood. Tonight she died after being hit by a shooting bullet by actor Alec Baldwin on the set of the Western band “Rust” in the state of New Mexico in the USA. Still being tested.

Hachins, 42, was born in Ukraine and grew up in a Soviet military camp in the Arctic. Before studying photography, she studied journalism at the National University of Kiev and worked as an investigative journalist for the British media. After deciding to focus on photography and moving to Los Angeles, she enrolled in the prestigious American Film Institute. Three years after graduation, in 2018, she was one of eight women selected to participate in the 21st Century Fox Director of Photography’s incubator, and a year later she was named one of the “Rising Stars” of American Film Photographers Magazine. American Cinematographer “.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that director Adam Egypt Mortimer, whose film Hatchins shot “Archenemy,” wrote after learning of her death: “I’m so sad about Alina’s passing, and furious that such a thing could happen to The Alina set was a brilliant talent and completely committed to art and cinema. ” In a tweet from November last year, Mortimer wrote of Hutchins that “she has a brilliant mind when it comes to light and texture. Her good taste and cinematic sensitivity were of immense significance in the execution of the film’s style – which I call romantic brutality.”

Actor Joe Manganiello, the star of “Archenemy,” also paid tribute to Hatchins. “I’m in shock,” he wrote on Twitter, “I was lucky enough to work with Alina on a film. She was a wonderful person and a huge talent. I do not believe such a thing could happen in the current era … a pistol bullet that is an accessory on the set? What a terrible tragedy. To her family. ” Screenwriter Nell Scovell tweeted: “Only 5% of Hollywood’s lead photographers are women, and that’s the deep talent and commitment it took for Halina Hutchins to succeed in this field. We must demand full explanations of what happened on this set. We will not settle for typical Hollywood rendering.”

According to a statement issued by Santa Fe County Sheriff this morning, Hutchins and Sousa were both injured in the shooting. Hutchins was rushed by helicopter to the University of New Mexico Hospital and died at the hospital. Souza is hospitalized in critical condition.

The movie “Rust” tells the story of Harland Rust (Baldwin), who helps his 13-year-old grandson escape the law after the boy accidentally kills a farmer in Kansas and is sentenced to death. Just a few days ago, Hutchins uploaded a video to Instagram in which she is seen riding a horse. “One of the benefits of Western photography is that you can ride horses on a day off,” she wrote.

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