The facts of the conflict and no peace in Lebanon!

The facts of the conflict and no peace in Lebanon!
The facts of the conflict and no peace in Lebanon!

For more than a decade, the Arabs and some internationals have been preoccupied with the successive tragic events in Lebanon, and the Lebanese are divided over everything and everything.

They are also divided over the extent to which the Arabs and the world care about them. A group says: If the Arabs and the internationals were interested in Lebanon, they would not let the armed party control it. As for the party and its supporters, they say that the Arabs and the internationals are concerned, but not with the stability and peace of Lebanon, but rather by sowing discord in it to harm the great resistance that is on its breath and the breath of all Arabs!

Regardless of the correctness of this or that destination; What is happening on the ground indicates that all the hands of division, division, and even shooting are Lebanese hands. I am almost certain that the apparent motives, at least, are also of Lebanese origin. The armed party’s control over land, facilities, and constitutional institutions (the presidency, the parliament, and the government) did not bring security, stability, living space, or good relations with the neighborhood and the world!

The armed party was able to isolate Lebanon from the world without much objection from the near and far outside. However, in light of the accelerating events during Aoun’s five years in the Republican Palace, the armed party finally seemed very concerned. He has the upper hand in the regime, and he was not able to stop the financial, economic and livelihood collapse despite the “good loan” and the Iranian ships. Indeed, he was not able, for about a year and a half, to convince the President of the Republic to allow the formation of a government, which could bear some or all of the responsibilities for stumbling, cracking, and the tragedies of the citizens. Thus, the citizens infiltrated the belief that the party and the Aounists wanted to replace the state and that they failed to do so. Rather, they, along with the rest of the political class, are the ones who have been purifying the depleted state resources, and have replaced them by seizing facilities whose revenues no longer flow into the treasury but into their pockets. This popular awareness of what is happening began when the lira collapsed, and fuel, medicine and food became scarce. Then, subsidies began to be lifted, and to the scarcity was added the outrageous high prices that most Lebanese could not afford. The Lebanese state, then, was a social state, bearing with the citizens; But its capabilities were robbed, and the thieves were exposed by the collapse.

Therefore, in the events of the October Revolution two years ago, the slogan “All of them means all of them,” that is, the politicians who control and negatively control resources, dominated. For this reason, the party (rather the Shiite duo) and the Aounists were the fiercest opponents of that aforementioned change movement, considering that they were the ones who meant the people’s discontent and hatred.

The “Corona” epidemic, which caused severe distress, came amid the collapse, and then the bombing of the legendary port came to completely turn the scales. Indeed, these three pressures, in which the use of weapons is not useful, as the party used to do during the formation of governments, derailed the party. The party started spending on its partisans and supporters with dollars, even though the party leader said that he wanted to break the dollar (!), and confronted the demonstrators with the shouting slogans of the groups; Shiites and Shiites, opening supermarkets to sell goods at discounted prices, importing medicines from Iran and Syria, and finally diesel! And these measures covered nothing, even among his audience. But while he was doing all of this, he found that the investigations into the crime of bombing the port were directed against him (!) Who brought the ammonium nitrate, who dropped it from the dilapidated ship, and who stored it for 7 years in the port, where two-thirds of it was smuggled to Syria to make explosive barrels, and finally who detonated the quantity The rest?! It was known that the party controlled the port, the airport, and the crossings with Syria, and that the senior officials in the two facilities were mostly Aounists, trustworthy, and party supporters. Most of the employees were arrested, but Judge Al-Bitar turned to the politicians directly and left the employees, perhaps for a later date. And he distributed orders and decisions to bring, bring, and arrest several former ministers, and the former Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, and he, of course, “witnessed nothing” (!)

It is necessary to anticipate the furious reaction of the party leader, by noting that the media and Christian politicians, headed by Dr. Geagea, the leader of the Lebanese Forces, managed within months to turn the bombing file into a semi-pure Christian file, as they made Judge Al-Bitar a champion of justice and integrity, so the murdered became Christians As for those who were summoned by al-Bitar on charges of committing the crime, most of them are Muslims!

The important party leader demanded the exclusion of Al-Bitar in successive speeches. When the demand was not met, the matter was transferred to the Council of Ministers, and its meetings stopped, then to the street in popular demonstrations by supporters of the Shiite duo, which penetrated the Christian neighborhoods of Beirut all the way to the Palace of Justice. And this was not the first time that Shiite groups, Shiites, harassed the Christian neighborhoods adjacent to Shiite neighborhoods in the east and north of the city. Therefore, the moods were light, and the two teams were on their weapons, so bullets were poured out on the incursions, and 7 of them were killed, and dozens were wounded.

In public opinion, Judge Al-Bitar appeared to be avenging the Christian victims. As for the protector of Christians, life, dignity and property, Dr. Geagea addresses this. And the biggest loser was the president and his son-in-law, an ally of Hezbollah for 15 years. It supported the party in all its wars, including the occupation of West Beirut in 2008. Thus, Nasrallah, who lost the Sunnis by killing Hariri and occupying Beirut, has now lost the Christians for good.

Christian and Shiite radicals emerged in Lebanon in the seventies. As for Shiite political and armed radicalism, it continued to grow, prosper, and branch out until it became global. As for Christian radicalism, it broke due to the conflict between Aoun and Geagea since the eighties and the Arab and international consensus to end the war. Then, after 20 years, Aoun took refuge in the victory of God and his radicalism during its radicalization, and he began to seek the “rights” of Sunni Christians with his help. This “alliance” was destroyed only when the state fell and the Christians felt the greatest loss as a result of submission to Aoun and Basil, and behind them Nasrallah. Geagea took advantage of Christian bitterness, so Christian (armed) radicalism re-emerged and started killing like other radicals. Otherwise, how would protection be?!

There is no staying with the radicals, and there is no peace in Lebanon with them, which was proven by Nasrallah when he said Monday evening on October 18, 2021 that he had 100,000 fighters! Yes, blood draws blood!

Quoted from the Middle East

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