The 2021 Riyadh season causes controversy and anger in Saudi Arabia, so what is the story?

The 2021 Riyadh season causes controversy and anger in Saudi Arabia, so what is the story?
The 2021 Riyadh season causes controversy and anger in Saudi Arabia, so what is the story?

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The launch of the Riyadh season in Saudi Arabia sparked a great interaction on social networking sites in the Kingdom.

The activities of the Riyadh Season 2021 began on Wednesday evening, with an opening ceremony attended by a huge audience that reached more than 750,000 people.

Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, described the opening ceremony as “the largest in the region”, and that the Saudis witnessed “a night in which we lived part of the imagination.”

This is the second season of events, after last year’s edition was canceled due to the spread of the Corona virus.

The “Riyadh Season” was launched for the first time in 2019, and its activities vary, including enthusiastic shows, auctions, games, wildlife, restaurants and cafes, international brands, concerts, and heritage.

The launch of the season’s activities was accompanied by a great interaction through social media in the Kingdom and many Arab countries.

The hashtag Riyadh_Season, which is the official hashtag approved by the party organizers, topped the Twitter trend in the Kingdom with more than 140,000 tweets.

Opinions were divided about the season immediately after its launch.

Many artists and celebrities flocked to express their astonishment at the splendor of the ceremony and to send their congratulations on the success of the opening to Turki Al-Sheikh.

Many considered that the launch of the Riyadh season “is a bold step by Saudi Arabia towards opening up prospects for social development and liberation from old restrictions.”

Some believed that “the Saudi capital dazzled the world during the Riyadh season and the creativity that no mind can comprehend.”

On the other hand, many criticized the ceremony and its organizers, considering it a waste of money and a break from religion and customs.

Others considered that gathering huge crowds in light of the fact that the threat of the Corona virus did not recede was not a wise act, and accused the authorities of imposing social distancing only in schools and mosques.

Some criticized limiting the Riyadh season to the capital only and ignoring the rest of the cities.

harassment events

On the other hand, many videos showed that many women were subjected to harassment incidents.

Activists launched the hashtag Riyadh_Season Harasser to shed light on what happened and expose the harassers.

Many Saudi women spoke of their intention to avoid visiting the Riyadh Season activities for fear of harassment.

Many demanded that the pictures and names of the harassers be published everywhere, saying that it is “the most severe punishment that terrifies the perpetrators more than imprisonment.”


Riyadh season controversy anger Saudi Arabia story

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