A single fruit that reduces cholesterol and protects the heart.. Get to know it

A single fruit that reduces cholesterol and protects the heart.. Get to know it
A single fruit that reduces cholesterol and protects the heart.. Get to know it

Many people wonder about healthy food or nutrients that are beneficial for health in general, and to reduce cholesterol in particular.

Many people suffer from very serious health conditions such as heart attacks or dangerously high cholesterol levels, but the risks of these conditions can be greatly reduced, and this often depends on the food you eat, according to (Al Jazeera Net).

And author Jessica Nippes said: “Some foods are rich in vitamins and minerals and are very beneficial, and according to a study, a type of fruit is useful in lowering cholesterol and thus protecting the heart.”

According to a recent study, adding strawberries to diets reduces heart disease risk factors in adults who are obese or have high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

The author stated that low-density lipoprotein cholesterol – a major risk factor for heart problems – is a waxy substance that can cause your arteries to clog and deprive your heart of oxygen.

Two and a half servings

In the experiment, 33 adults received a daily amount of strawberry powder equivalent to one or two and a half servings of strawberries, and one serving of strawberries equals seven of them.

At the end of the trial, the equivalent of two and a half daily servings of strawberries was found to significantly reduce heart disease risk in this ‘at-risk’ group when compared to a control group, mainly by improving insulin resistance and lipid particle strength.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Emma Derbyshire, Public Health Dietitian, said: ‘These are really interesting findings, around 7.6 million people in the UK currently suffer from cardiovascular disease and we know that healthy living, which includes healthy food, It can help reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent weight gain, and lower the risk of diabetes.”

The author added, “Studies indicate that strawberries may prevent some types of cancer, and the protective effect is believed to be due to a combination of antioxidants known as polyphenols, which appear to stop the growth of cancer cells, according to animal studies.”

Strawberries are also rich in vitamins and fiber, and are a food that is free of sodium, fat, cholesterol and low in calories.

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