Poland is the main crossing point for illegal immigrants to Germany |

Poland is the main crossing point for illegal immigrants to Germany |
Poland is the main crossing point for illegal immigrants to Germany |

Berlin- German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced that his country will strengthen its measures at the border with Poland, following the increase in the number of illegal refugees, to replace Greece as the largest source of illegal immigrants to Germany.

He added, in press statements in the capital, Berlin, on Wednesday, that his country had received 80,000 asylum requests, most of them for people coming from Syria and Afghanistan, from the beginning of this year until last September.

The growing number of illegal immigrants entering the country through other parts of the European Union is worrying the German authorities.

A report by the German Interior Ministry stated that the number of migrants who entered the European Union, and who slipped in hiding in trucks, rose sharply.

Besides being particularly concerned about the situation at the EU’s border with Belarus, Seehofer noted the persistence of illegal immigration through southern EU member states and the collapse of the EU’s Dublin Regulation, which provides for migrants to be returned to the first EU country that received them.

Horst Seehofer: We are strengthening measures at the border with Poland

The figures in the report reveal an almost complete collapse of the Dublin Convention, as German courts refuse to return migrants to Greece in particular, considering that they may face negative conditions in refugee camps.

The German Interior Ministry is pressing Greece to accept German support in providing housing and care. “If there is no progress here, further national action should be attempted as a last resort,” the report said. The ministry believes that the imposition of temporary border controls should be studied to control the movement of travelers heading to Germany from Greece.

With regard to infiltrations from Belarus through Poland, the report says that there is confirmed information that many migrants “have been lured to Belarus with false promises and are often prevented by the Belarusian authorities from making their way to safety from the border area and returning to their countries of origin.”

He noted that people smugglers have begun to make more use of the border with Poland to bring refugees into Germany. “Therefore we are working to strengthen measures on the border with Poland and we will discuss this matter at the cabinet meeting,” he explained.

Seehofer had previously proposed to his Polish counterpart to carry out joint patrols on the border between the two countries in order to reduce illegal immigration from Belarus.

“In order to be able to effectively prevent illegal immigration to Germany, we should use these patrols mainly on Polish territory and under the command of the Polish border guards,” Seehofer said.

He proposed to significantly increase the share of the German Federal Police in patrols, since the protection of the border with Belarus has resulted in the Polish border guards bearing significant burdens at the present time.

The German government accuses Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of transporting migrants and refugees from crisis areas to the external borders of the European Union in an orderly fashion. The German minister denied the idea that his country intends to close the border with neighboring Poland.

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