The Egyptian Stock Exchange raises the temporary suspension limits for the EGX100 index to 10%

The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, in coordination with the Financial Supervisory Authority, decided to amend the temporary suspension limits on the general index of the market to stop trading on the market as a whole when the EGX100 index drops by 10% instead of 5%, and to stop it until the end of the trading session when it drops by 20% Instead of 10%, instead of the current rates, in line with adjusting the price limits on the same shares, according to what I mentioned in a statement.

The index declined by 5.56%, after about 3 hours of trading today, Wednesday, and reached 3266.99 points, after it fell by the same percentage during yesterday’s trading, and trading on it was stopped.

The main stock index EGX30 fell by 1.16% to 11,065.63 points, while the index of small and medium-sized companies EGX70 fell by 6.93% to 2309.07 points.

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