Lavrov: Moscow notes the efforts of the “Taliban” movement to achieve stability

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov regrets that America did not attend the “Moscow format” meetings on Afghanistan, and says that Moscow is noticing the efforts of the “Taliban” movement to achieve stability.

  • Members of the Taliban delegation attend an international conference on Afghanistan in Moscow on October 20, 2021 (AFP).

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the change of authority in Afghanistan is a fait accompli, and that Moscow notes efforts by the “Taliban” movement to stabilize the situation.

He added, “After a fundamental change in the situation on the ground, it does not make sense to search for those responsible for the failure to achieve a tangible result on the issue of national reconciliation.”

At the third meeting of the “Moscow formula” on Afghanistan, Lavrov expressed his country’s regret that the United States did not attend the “Moscow formula” meetings on Afghanistan, hoping that “the United States remains ready to work actively in the Afghan direction, and that the new Special Representative will join the next steps.”

Hosting talks on Afghanistan, Russia says one of the goals of the Moscow meeting is to strengthen “the efforts of the international community to prevent a humanitarian crisis”.

The talks, which will be attended by officials from ten countries, including China and Pakistan, are one of the most important international meetings attended by the Taliban since it came to power in mid-August. It comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin warned last week that “ISIS fighters are massing in Afghanistan to sow unrest in the former Soviet republics on Russia’s borders.”


Lavrov Moscow notes efforts Taliban movement achieve stability

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