Syrian TV: 13 killed in a military bus bombing in Damascus

Syrian TV: 13 killed in a military bus bombing in Damascus
Syrian TV: 13 killed in a military bus bombing in Damascus

Civil Defense personnel extinguish a bus at the site of a roadside bomb explosion in central Damascus in a photo distributed by the Syrian Arab News Agency on Wednesday. (Reuters could not independently verify the photo.) reuters_tickers

This content was published on Oct 20, 2021 – Jul 07:35,

Oct 20, 2021 – 07:35

DAMASCUS (Reuters) – At least 13 soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb exploded as their bus passed a bridge in central Damascus during the early morning rush hour on Wednesday, Syrian television said.

And Syrian state television, on its Telegram account, published pictures of the charred cabin of the bus, while rescue workers appeared to retrieve the remains of the dead. Television said at least 13 people were killed and three wounded.

He stated that two explosive devices exploded while the bus was on the Hafez al-Assad bridge, adding that an engineering unit in the army defused a third device in what officials described as a “terrorist” explosion.

There have been several attacks this year on army vehicles in eastern Syria by suspected Islamic State militants still operating in the sprawling desert region.

The United Nations says at least 350,000 people were killed during the civil war that began a decade ago.

Explosions in Damascus have been rare since forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad took control of opposition pockets around the city. Assad now controls most of the country with the help of the Russian military presence and Iranian Shiite militias.

(Press coverage by Kinda Makiya – Prepared by Suha Jado for the Arabic Bulletin – Edited by Doaa Mohammed)


Syrian killed military bus bombing Damascus

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