Autumn-winter 2021-2022 fashion in interior designs

Autumn-winter 2021-2022 fashion in interior designs
Autumn-winter 2021-2022 fashion in interior designs

Fall colors fascinate interior designers, who take inspiration from the season’s atmosphere and lights, transforming homes into welcoming and relaxing patios. Detailed points of the fall-winter 2021-2022 home fashion, in terms of materials, with interior designer Karma Sharaf El-Din.

The usual warm fall and winter fabrics are: leather, velvet, and wool, and they are indispensable, no matter what fashion is, because they provide heat in the two cold seasons. However, the mentioned fabrics are currently commercially presented in the fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion, that is, in special colors. In this context, the velvet and leather are painted in a copper or green color that follows the leaves of trees, sage, or mint.

Interior Design Engineer Karma Sharaf El Din

What’s new this season, in terms of materials, according to interior designer Karma Sharaf El-Din, is curly wool, similar to a sheep’s clothing, with the multiplicity of threads of the aforementioned material, which affects its texture and shape. And the latter, although it registered its presence about a year and a half ago in the side seats and pillows, it is currently expanding its spread in the world of furniture to take place on the main sofa in the hall, or a large seat in it, or on the sum of the dining chairs…Colors of wool The most popular kinks are: white, grey, grey, and to a lesser extent mustard, brick and matt blue.
The burlap material (jute), in turn, joins the fall facade. The qualities of comfort, practicality and sophistication are related to the two mentioned natural materials.

• In the basics of design, wall covering models are reduced with large pieces of dark wood, so that the house suggests warmth, while the direction is to the house, which is inspired by the earth and its earthy colors, and from its nature. It is true that the presence of wood is essential in the home, but the material in its autumnal form is resolved in specific places, in the form of thin sticks. In addition, there are bamboo (or oak) chips employed in the wall covering, evoking craftsmanship.
• It is still acceptable to mix wood and iron, even though the trend is receding a little.
• The glossy marble recedes in favor of the matte one, and its veins are prominent.
• Colored ceramics illuminate the kitchen, with a desire to see glowing materials that delight the eye, away from the dull and flat decor.
• The bathroom lines are light and “clean”, so that the space looks like a “spa”, or on the contrary, there are walls covered with natural stones and colored floors, in the place.
• Glass advances fashion designs on table tops, doors and walls.
The engineer concludes that the return to the originals is tyrannical, that is, to the natural materials…with a sprinkle of contemporary.

The popular fall colors are: matt copper, matte brick, nude, tan and green.

Interior design engineer Karma Sharaf El-Din invites every reader to be inspired by the colors, textures and details of autumn, while employing them at home in a way that attracts the senses, according to the following:
• The clear colors in the autumn nature outside the eyes, and they are employed in the interior of the house, especially the color of matt copper, matte brick, “nude”, “tan” and green.
• Scented candles make the rooms of the house infused with the scents of the season. Autumn notes are: sandalwood, sage, bergamot (a hybrid that mixes lemon and orange), pine and spices. Note that the stronger the aroma of spices (cinnamon, vanilla…) it refers to winter.
• In terms of texture, warm, soft and comfortable fabrics are desirable in the fall, the transitional season, after a busy summer due to travel, holidays and activities, and an awaiting winter. Thus, this period of the year seems like an opportunity to rest at home, waiting for the new year, with all its hopes.
• Soothing music attracts the ear, in a warm and cozy autumnal home.

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