13 dead and 3 wounded in a double bombing targeting a military bus in Damascus

The Syrian news agency, “SANA”, said today, Wednesday, that a double bombing targeted a bus at the President’s Bridge in Damascus, causing deaths and injuries.

SANA quoted its correspondent as referring to a “terrorist detonation with two explosive devices while a military overnight bus was passing at the President Bridge in Damascus.”

“The terrorist bombing led to a number of martyrs and wounded,” the agency added.

And Reuters news agency, quoting the official Syrian media, reported that 13 people were killed and 3 wounded in the bombing of the military bus.

The agency’s correspondent said that engineering units dismantled a third explosive device that was planted in the place where the explosion targeting the overnight bus took place.

The agency did not mention other details about the double bombing, nor did it address the details of the victims, i.e. the numbers of dead and wounded, but it published pictures and a video of the targeted bus after extinguishing the fire that broke out in it following the explosion.

And areas in Syria witness explosions from time to time, causing casualties.

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