A plan to build the business complex in Wadi Jouz has been approved

A plan to build the business complex in Wadi Jouz has been approved
A plan to build the business complex in Wadi Jouz has been approved

In the Wadi Jouz neighborhood, a plan for the regulation and development of the neighborhood was promoted, which divided the neighborhood into complexes. One of the complexes is the business complex, which is located on Wadi Jouz Street.

The Jerusalem Municipality, through the local planning and construction committee, approved on Wednesday, October 13, the plan for the construction of the business complex in Wadi Jouz, which was developed on a joint initiative of the municipality and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage.

The plan covers an area of ​​about 80 dunams, located between Othman Ben Afan Street to the south, bordering the Ma’ar East plan, through the main street in Wadi Jouz, which is characterized by the construction of sheds and illegal construction, used for commerce, crafts and garages, and to University Boulevard Hebrew from the north.

The program states:

  • Construction volumes for employment in an area of ​​about 200,000 square meters for employment, commerce, hotels and 10% housing. The construction will be 8 stories high in the southern lot and up to 14 floors in the northern lot in a graded manner.
  • Each plot has a residential scope at a rate of 10% of the building rights, for the purpose of an incentive for the construction of the entire complex, and stipulates that along Wadi Jouz Street an active and continuous commercial facade and the series of Othman Ben Afan Street, which serves as a connection between Wadi Jouz and East East And to the Old City.

The program is funded by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage and is part of the government’s decision to strengthen and position the Old City Basin.

The submitter of the plan is Harli (Jerusalem Development Authority), and the editor of the plan is Ari Cohen, Architecture and Urban Planning.

Mayor Moshe Leon: “I am pleased to approve another plan in East Jerusalem for the residents. The plan proposes the establishment of a large employment center in East Jerusalem that will expand employment opportunities and increase the participation of East Jerusalem residents in the city’s labor force.”

Minister of Construction and Housing, Jerusalem and Heritage, Zeev Elkin: The approval of the construction of the business complex in Wadi Jouz is good news for Jerusalem. The program creates new and advanced employment opportunities for East Jerusalem residents, develops the area as an additional tourist center in Jerusalem and strengthens the city’s economy. The Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, under my leadership, will continue to develop and promote Jerusalem for the benefit of all the city’s residents. “

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plan build business complex Wadi Jouz approved

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