Guy Shapira is charged with the murder of his wife in Ma’ale Adumim

An indictment was filed this morning (Wednesday) against Guy Shapira for the murder of his wife Rachel at their home in Ma’ale Adumim last month. He is charged with aggravated murder, forgery of evidence and obstruction of justice.

According to the indictment, Shapira strangled his wife for a quarter of an hour until she died, but was not satisfied with that and continued to strangle her. He then undressed her, put her body in the bath, cut off her hands and drowned her in the bath. His detention has been extended until a different decision is made, another hearing in his case will take place next Thursday.

In the evening news here 11 it was reported that Shapira strangled his wife, obscured evidence inside the house and scattered signs so that the act would look like suicide. He also called MDA and told them he performed CPR on her, and even showed it to paramedics who came to the scene. In a letter he left before heading south in an attempted suicide, he expressed no remorse and spoke of the division of property.

Two weeks ago, the investigating officer of the Judea and Samaria district in the SJ district, Deputy Superintendent Yigal Elmaleh, said in an interview with Net B that “in most suicides, after the in-depth investigations, they know it.” Good, so it was not clear that this was a murder. “

Listen to the interview with the police investigating officer

“From the first moment the investigators arrived at the scene, there was initial suspicion of several elements in the scene that it was not suicide. There is a glimmer of suspicion that it was not suicide in the very first seconds,” Elmaleh explained. He added: “The day after the incident we received the autopsy results that it was a murder. All the while we were doing covert operations and he was under surveillance until he was arrested.”

After the murder, Shapira came to give open testimony to the police and talked about point details. But when he came to her funeral and eulogized her, Shapira said things he did not tell in the open testimony, and talked too much about the fact that he might be guilty of her death and accepted responsibility.

Two days after the murder, Shapira traveled south, leaving behind a suicide note. Police chased him, and a mobile that located him announced him to stop. Shapira did not stop, and got in his car on a barbed-wire checkpoint placed on the road to. After being arrested, he shot himself in front of police officers and was taken to Soroka Hospital in critical condition. For several days Shapira was unconscious. He confessed during his interrogation to the murder, and reinstated him. He is also suspected of falsifying evidence and obstructing an investigation.

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