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With the publication of Justice Minister Gideon Saar’s memorandum of law preventing the imposition of the government train on a criminal defendant, it was reported that Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked opposes the passage of the law, contrary to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s opinion.

According to a report in News 12 last night that the only opponent in the coalition against the law that is intended to keep Benjamin Netanyahu out of the prime minister forever is Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked.

It was also reported that the right-wing faction is expected to convene after the budget, but Prime Minister Bennett is silent. Over the years he has come out against legislation of this kind that he says characterizes the “rule of officials”, and has already argued that if a right-wing prime minister ends his term because of an indictment – that is the end of right-wing rule.

This morning, the chairman of the joint list, MK Ayman Odeh, posted on his personal Twitter account that he would support the law. He said, “Shaked has only one finger – we have six. Gideon Saar, the law can be passed as early as next week. “

Justice Minister Gideon Saar this evening (Tuesday) published the memorandum amending the Basic Law: The Government, which prevents the imposition of the role of the government train on a criminal defendant. The proposal in fact seeks to prevent opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu from running for prime minister in the future.

Under the proposal, an MK who is pending an indictment would not be eligible to form a government if he was charged with an offense punishable by more than three years in prison. And will determine that in the circumstances of the case there is no disgrace to the offense.

Under the new law, an MK who has an indictment for an offense punishable by more than 3 years in prison, and has a disgrace with it – will not be able to accept the job of forming the government from the president, will not be included in a motion of confidence in a new government.

It should be noted that the law will only apply from the 25th Knesset. The details of the memorandum were compiled following a series of discussions that have taken place in recent weeks at the Ministry of Justice. The memorandum was circulated today for 21 days for public comment.

When the law was published, Saar said: “It is our duty to establish better regime arrangements for the future, which fortify Israel’s values ​​as a Jewish and democratic state. We have a duty to prevent the recurrence of the situation that the State of Israel experienced until recently. “

The Likud sharply attacked the predatory law: “Gideon Saar, who scrapes the blocking percentage in all polls from below, proposes an Iranian-style anti-democratic law that seeks to disqualify those who receive 35 seats in polls and has the support of millions of citizens as their prime ministerial representative.

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