National Bank of Kuwait – Egypt signs a cooperation protocol with D Square

National Bank of Kuwait – Egypt signs a cooperation protocol with D Square
National Bank of Kuwait – Egypt signs a cooperation protocol with D Square

Manal Al-Masry wrote:

The National Bank of Kuwait Egypt has contracted with D-Square Company to develop the rewards program – Program NBK Rewards- currently used by the bank in cooperation with MasterCard, through which customers are granted

The bank is a MasterCard NBK credit card holder with gift rewards points for every EGP spent using these cards.

The bank said in a statement issued today, Thursday, that D Squares has developed this program in cooperation with MasterCard, to be able to convert the points collected into electronic purchase vouchers.

The customer receives it on his mobile phone and can exchange it through a network of premium stores.

According to the bank, this comes in line with the bank’s strategy and its continuous endeavor to develop its products and services provided to its customers, especially with regard to electronic payment methods and maximizing the value it obtains.

customers when using it, motivating them to increase its use

significantly and on a larger scale as an alternative to traditional payment methods.

Omar Al-Alfy, Head of Business Sectors at National Bank of Kuwait – Egypt, said that this agreement between the bank, D Squares and MasterCard reflects the bank’s keenness to provide innovative solutions that meet

The need of various customer segments and maximizing the role of financial technology in banking services, in an effort to increase the base of our clients, encouraging and motivating them to join the official financial system of the state in a way that supports financial inclusion as one of the objectives of the sustainable development strategy in accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030,

And in line with the directions of the state and the Central Bank of Egypt towards shifting to a digital economy and then to a society less dependent on money.

Salma Abu Hussein, Head of the Retail Banking Sector at the National Bank of Kuwait – Egypt, said that this agreement, with its development of the bank’s card rewards program, represents a new link in the chain of our services.

The advanced technology that we strive to provide to our customers in a way that increases their satisfaction, loyalty and connection with the bank and rely completely on the bank’s cards in all purchases and shopping, direct or online.

Abu Hussein added that the bank had launched a loyalty program in cooperation with MasterCard in 2017, which allows the bank’s customers to accumulate points and exchange them for cash back or use them in

Traveling and booking airline tickets according to the customer’s desire, thus NBK is one of the few banks in the Egyptian market that provides such an innovative service to its customers.

Omnia Mostafa, Head of Retail Banking Products and Customer Segments at National Bank of Kuwait – Egypt, said that this cooperation between the bank, D Squares and MasterCard has several benefits for all card users.

The bank of all kinds, where NBK MasterCard credit card holders can redeem the points they have accumulated by shopping with cards, whether inside Egypt

Or outside it, with electronic vouchers that can be redeemed through participating stores, so that the customer receives the e-voucher code on his mobile phone immediately as soon as he logs in and chooses the value of the voucher

Then go to this store or entity and exchange the voucher for purchases or services according to the chosen entity.

She added that the cooperation protocol with D Square also includes granting immediate discounts of up to more than 30% to holders of all types of bank cards, whether credit cards or direct debit cards.

Or paid in advance, in many stores, hotels, restaurants, and other agencies and other service places, which are also shown on the bank’s website.

Marwan Kenawy, co-founder and CEO of D-Square, said that providing the loyalty program to the bank’s customers through D-Square gives the bank an element of superiority and increases its leadership and position in the Egyptian market.

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