The cyber company Valence Security raises $ 7 million

The cyber company Valence Security raises $ 7 million
The cyber company Valence Security raises $ 7 million

The cyber company Valence Security (Wilens) announces the raising of $ 7 million in a lime round led by YL Ventures and with the participation of senior figures from the global cyber industry and serial entrepreneurs. Wilens launches a new category in the world of cyber security, to secure the network of connections and connections between enterprise applications and between them and third-party applications – known as the Business Application Mesh – by applying the Zero Trust principles.

Wilens’ platform provides transparency to all automations and automated processes in the Business Application Mesh, identifies and addresses the risks associated with them, and enforces security procedures and policies.

Recently launched supply chain attacks clearly illustrate that existing solutions are not suitable for managing these risks. In the Mimecast attack incident, which was reported last year as part of the Solarwinds attack, attackers were given unauthorized access to Microsoft 365 accounts, which led to the disclosure of sensitive information.

“Existing solutions are limited, and they do not help strengthen our trust in the use of third-party applications in organizations,” explained Sounil Yu, a former chief security scientist at Bank of America. “Existing approaches look at third-party risks at some point in time or treat applications individually rather than as a network of connections, and do not enable the mapping and control required to promote innovation and digital change.”

The platform enables organizations to map existing integrations between applications and identify dangerous third-party connections. It alerts you to unusual activities and unauthorized access to information in the Business Application Mesh. Security teams can respond to risks earlier, by applying Zero Trust principles, and fully enforcing relevant policies such as Least Privilege. In this way the platform significantly reduces the risk.

“In our conversations with industry executives, we were exposed to growing concerns about integrations between enterprise software and third-party applications and enterprise automation processes, but there was difficulty in defining the problem, not least the way to solve it. Revolutionary for it, “said John Brennan, a partner at YL Ventures.

“The Wilens security platform does just that. It sheds light on the Business Application Mesh, maps out the data they need for the security teams in the organization and gives them the tools to protect it. Given the positive feedback from customers who already use the platform, Of Wilens will quickly become the required standard in the industry. “

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