Dead and wounded in clashes between two families in northern Lebanon

Armed clashes between two families in Wadi Al Jamous in northern Lebanon, claiming the lives of 4 civilians.

  • The Lebanese army continues to deploy in the town and separate the two families in preparation for restoring calm

The Lebanese National News Agency reported that armed clashes have continued since Tuesday morning, in the town of Wadi al-Jamous in northern Lebanon, between members of the al-Tartusi and al-Sayyid families, as a result of old retaliatory reasons.

Because of these family clashes, houses and cars were set on fire, 4 civilians were killed and 7 others were wounded, all of them were taken to the hospital in Halba, and the condition of some of them is critical.

The Lebanese army continues to deploy in the town, separating the two families, in preparation for restoring calm.

For its part, the Lebanese army issued a statement saying that “army units deployed in the area intervened and worked to arrest those involved, and restore the situation to what it was.”

For his part, the Lebanese parliament member, Walid Al-Baarini, expressed his regret for the fall of 4 victims as a result of these events, calling for “the bloodshed as soon as possible, and for the security forces to work hard to stop this bleeding.”

It is reported that the deputy al-Barini visited the two families at night to ease tensions and seek calm.


Dead wounded clashes families northern Lebanon

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