Nasrallah and the lie of the 100,000 fighters!

Translation of “Lebanon Debyte”

The “Jerusalem Post” newspaper published an analytical article by writer Seth J. Frantzman, in which he considers that the declaration of “Hezbollah Secretary-General” Hassan Nasrallah that the party has 100,000 fighters is an exaggeration and a symbolic lie.

But Frantzman noted that Hezbollah does not have 100,000 fighters. This is because the general Shiite community that Hezbollah depends on for support is divided, with many supporting Hezbollah’s ally, Amal. For 100,000 fighters, you would need several million Shiite Hezbollah supporters. But where are these people? Where are the trained fighters? How do you feed all these men?”

He added, “The reality is that although Hezbollah is a powerful terrorist army, with precision-guided weapons, drones, caches and its own communications network – it runs drugs all over the world, hoards ammonium nitrate, destroys cities and goes bankrupt.” Lebanon and depriving it of its future – the figure of 100,000 fighters announced by Nasrallah is only in Nasrallah’s imagination.”

He believed that “what is meant by Nasrallah’s exaggeration was to anticipate talk of a “civil war” after Hezbollah members claimed that they had been shot during a recent demonstration in which the party was trying to overthrow a judge (Tariq Bitar) investigating the massive explosion of the port of Beirut. That it was caused by the ammonium nitrate of Hezbollah, which pointed the finger at Christian leader Samir Geagea and the Lebanese Forces and asked them not to miscalculate.

He added, “The context here is important. In the 1970s, a Lebanese civil war broke out. It pitted Christian militias against Muslim and Druze militias, as well as Palestinian groups. At that time, there was no “Hezbollah”, but there were Shiite militias and the “Amal” movement.” But the Shiites were a small marginalized minority. The Christians and Sunni Muslims took control of Lebanon.”

He continued: “After the Israeli invasion in 1982 and the departure of the Palestinian factions from Lebanon, civil war broke out in the country. The Syrians also invaded the country in the 1970s. The Saudi-brokered (Taif) Agreement in 1989 helped end the war. The result was that the official power of Christians diminished dramatically. This strength was reinforced by demographics and a parliamentary election system that ensured Christians had power in the presidency. A weak presidency led to a stronger Sunni prime minister, while the Shiites got the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

He explained that, “However, Hezbollah does not derive its strength from Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who has held office since 1992. Instead, it has its strength because after Sunni, Christian and Druze militias laid down their arms in the wake of the 1989 agreement. , “Hezbollah” kept its weapons, “claiming” that it is resisting Israel.

He pointed out that “when Israel left Lebanon in the year 2000, “Hezbollah” retained its greatly expanded arsenal, claiming that because the Jewish state retained a few dunams on a mountain on the border, (Shebaa Farms), it (Hezbollah) needed to retake this small area. What actually happened is that “Hezbollah” charted its way to control Lebanon, and the writer claimed that “the party assassinated Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.”

He said, “When protests caused Syria to leave the country in the wake of the murder, Hezbollah plotted to attack Israel with the direct support of Iran and Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani. Soleimani, Nasrallah, and Imad Mughniyeh plotted and war broke out in 2006. When that ended, Hezbollah used the destruction it wrought to increase its authority over construction, housing, and its own telephone and communications network.When parliament attempted to dismantle the communications network, Hezbollah swept through Beirut in 2008 and flexed its muscles.

And Frantzman concluded by saying: “The real power of “Hezbollah” is now through stifling the parliament and the presidency and managing the foreign and military policy of Lebanon, which has been importing gas so far.”

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