Hebrew News – A moment after the marriage proposal, Courtney Kardashian’s ex responds

Hebrew News – A moment after the marriage proposal, Courtney Kardashian’s ex responds
Hebrew News – A moment after the marriage proposal, Courtney Kardashian’s ex responds

Moments after the marriage proposal, Courtney Kardashian’s ex responds

It is already known that the mythological ex of the trash star and father of her children is not really happy with her new relationship. But now that she’s got an exciting marriage proposal, the network is curiously waiting for Disick’s official response, and here it is finally here.

Scott Disick, the mythical ex of trash star Courtney Kardashian, has never quite managed to get Courtney’s new relationship with Blink 182 lead singer Travis Barker. What’s more, throughout their months of dating, Disick has starred quite a bit in the headlines following harsh and unflattering reactions he said which managed to leak to the net.

Now, the worst has happened for Disick, and Courtney has received an exciting marriage proposal. Since then, one of the things thousands of fans have been waiting for is Scott’s official response to the issue. People close to Disik said he was in an emotional state, and the news did not seem easy for him.

Another insider said Scott was not surprised by the engagements, and in fact, Courtney’s sisters had already quite prepared him for the official news. “Even though he knew it was going to happen, the news made him very sad, and he is now in a bad mood,” an acquaintance told him.

“Scott will always have feelings for Courtney, she’s the mother of his children, and she’s an integral part of the family, but right now he just can’t get over himself and talk to her. More than that, it’s hard for him to be with Courtney and Travis, they are in love,” he added.

Finally he concluded by saying that although Scott is trying to broadcast business as usual but feels a great sense of failure that the relationship between him and Courtney has not worked. As you may recall, Courtney and Scott gave birth to three children together, and their relationship has never been particularly stable.

During the ten years of the couple’s marriage, most of which were documented on the Kardashian family’s reality show, the two experienced quite a few crises and separations, including suspicions of separation on Scott’s part. Before the final and official breakup, Courtney and Scott tried to do everything possible to save the relationship, but as is well known, without success.

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Hebrew News moment marriage proposal Courtney Kardashians responds

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