Study: Variable delta can fuse infected lung cells with uninfected cells

Study: Variable delta can fuse infected lung cells with uninfected cells
Study: Variable delta can fuse infected lung cells with uninfected cells

The highly contagious delta variant that is mutated from the Corona virus was first discovered in India, and mutated to form another infectious strain called the delta plus variant, and many people have tested positive with variants of the coronavirus, yet we know little about what makes these variants. The variants are very dangerous compared to the original version of the virus.

Variable delta and lung cell injury

According to a recent study published onthehealthsiteExperts revealed that these two variants “delta and delta plus” were less neutralized by antibodies from infected and vaccinated individuals compared to the original virus, making them more dangerous and contributing to its rapid global spread.

What you need to know about Corona variables

Variant delta also known as strain appeared B.1.617.2 Corona virus was first detected in India during the year 2020, and then spread worldwide within a short period of time, in addition to Delta Which sub-variables are observed for Delta Plus Which carry additional mutations that may make them more dangerous.

In the study published in the journal “Cell ReportsThe researchers showed that both variables Delta AndDelta Plus Both coronaviruses have the ability to infect lung cells more efficiently than the original virus strain.

According to the researchers, it was found that the variableDelta Better in entering lung cells compared to the original virus, and also in incorporating infected lung cells with uninfected cells, and this enabled the variant to spread widely and infect more people.

It is conceivable that by incorporating cells into the respiratory tract, the delta variant may spread more efficiently and induce more damage, and this could contribute to a more dangerous course of the coronavirus, said Arora Prerna, a scientist at the German Primate Center at the Leibniz Research Institute in Göttingen, Germany. .

Furthermore, none of the four antibodies (bamlanivimab) used to treat Covid-19 effective against delta, and was Delta Plus Resistant even against two therapeutic antibodies (bamlanivimab And etesevimab).

Likewise, the antibodies produced by vaccination with a vaccine were Pfizer And AstraZeneca Less effective against Delta and Delta Plus than the original virus.

Stefan Polmann from the German Primate Center said: “Our results are consistent with the observation that vaccination efficiently protects against development of severe disease after infection with a delta variant, but often fails to completely suppress infection, and in view of effective protection against severe disease, the target remains high. Vaccination rate, this can prevent the health care system from collapsing in the event of increased spread of delta and closely related viruses during the winter months.

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