Amid signs of openness to it, will Syria turn the page of isolation?

Amid signs of openness to it, will Syria turn the page of isolation?
Amid signs of openness to it, will Syria turn the page of isolation?

Observers refer in this regard to a number of developments in this field, including the Emirati initiatives aimed at saving Syria and mitigating the catastrophic humanitarian repercussions of the siege on it, especially those launched by the UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed last March, as well as to develop cooperation with it.

The latest of these initiatives took place through the meeting that brought together the Emirati and Syrian energy ministers in the Russian capital, Moscow, during which Abu Dhabi invited the Syrian side to attend the renewable energy conference to be held in the country early next year.

Signs of openness to Syria also included the recent wide Jordanian openness to it, as well as international indicators, most notably the decision of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) to restore cooperation with Syria and integrate it into its information system.

About these accelerating developments that are driving towards integrating Syria again into the Arab and international frameworks, the Syrian writer and journalist Ganblat Shekai told Sky News Arabia: “There are indicators that cannot be overlooked or overlooked when talking about the future of the situation in Syria during the next stage. A few days ago and in a period not exceeding one month.

He continues: “Perhaps among the most prominent of these indicators is the accelerated official Jordanian openness to the Syrian government, leading to a phone call between President Bashar al-Assad and King Abdullah II, in conjunction with the complete reopening of the borders between the two countries, and all this with the approaching completion of settlement and reconciliation processes. over the entire area of ​​Daraa province bordering with Jordan, and closing this file permanently.”

Shakai added: “The Jordanian openness to Damascus was led by King Abdullah personally, with meetings initiated with him by US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, through which he was able to obtain an exception for Jordan from the repercussions of Caesar’s law on US sanctions on Syria, and everyone who deals with Damascus, It was the way towards reviving the electrical linkage project between Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.”

And he continues, “It was the way towards reviving the Arab gas project coming from Egypt through Jordan to Syria and Lebanon, and also the way to reinjecting life into the land transport artery linking Beirut, Damascus, and Amman, up to the Arab Gulf states.”

The Syrian journalist adds: “When talking about the clear indications and indications that the Syrian state has begun to follow the path of recovery and its crises out of the bottleneck, it is necessary to refer to the remarkable political activity practiced by the Syrian delegation headed by Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad, especially in New York, On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, which culminated in a meeting with the Egyptian Foreign Minister.

Among the most prominent indicators of overcoming the ten lean years, according to Shkai, “the entry of Arab companies into the reconstruction process, which was launched a few days ago by an Emirati company that obtained the approval of the Syrian government to build a solar-powered power plant in Damascus countryside with a capacity of 300 megabytes, to be the first of its kind in the country, and to open the door to building two similar stations in other governorates.”

He continues: “All these developments can only be explained as signs of a breakthrough for the Syrian people, coinciding with the release of more than one statement and position from the US State Department that Washington will not start any normalization relations with the regime in Damascus now, but these American positions at the same time left the door open to Others, to decide for themselves the fate and future of their relations with Damascus, without pressuring them and preventing them from taking such unwelcome steps in the past.

However, the Syrian journalist believes, on the other hand, that “all of the previous indicators have not yet reflected positively on the Syrian citizen, most of whom are still living below the poverty line, but they have certainly stopped, to some extent, the horrible series of collapse.”

“Maybe we need a few months for the citizen to start reaping some positive results, foremost of which will be the improvement of the electricity situation, and then the gradual overcoming of the stifling fuel crisis, the crisis of bread and other foodstuffs, with an improvement in the dilapidated levels of income,” he says.

For his part, the head of the opposition Syrian Democratic Front, Mahmoud Marai, told Sky News Arabia: “The Arab openness to Syria, especially from the Emirates and Jordan, is a positive step and in the right direction, because it helps Syria and its people to overcome the effects of the 10-year war. And it led to the destruction of the Syrian economy, the infrastructure of factories and all production tools.”

He also notes “its contribution to breaking the economic blockade imposed on Syria, which needs to open the borders with Jordan for export and import, and with the UAE in order to obtain aid, operate flights and exchange experiences in many fields.”

Marei, who was one of the candidates for the last Syrian presidential elections, continues: “As for the re-coordination between Syria and Interpol, it is a very important step, which helps to fight terrorism and exchange information, especially since Syria has very important information about the dangerous terrorist groups that were operating within it.”

And the Syrian politician concludes his speech, saying: “With regard to Washington, the new American administration has become convinced of the necessity of the Syrian regime’s survival, because it is better than any other party of the armed opposition, which operates on Syrian soil, such as Jabhat al-Nusra or Ahrar al-Sham, or the organization The Brotherhood, which has relations and contacts with most of the terrorist groups operating in Syria, so the new administration began looking for improving the behavior of the Syrian regime, not overthrowing it.”

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