Lebanon… the wise and the terrified | Middle east

Lebanon… the wise and the terrified | Middle east
Lebanon… the wise and the terrified | Middle east

I always say read Hassan Nasrallah’s speech instead of watching it so as not to be affected by his acting clowning, but Nasrallah’s last speech showed his emotion even on paper, as the terrorist party leader was irritable to the point of panic.
Yes, he was terrified as he threatened and launched an emotional attack on Dr. Samir Geagea, the leader of the “Lebanese Forces” party. And everything that the panicked said about “the wise” Geagea, could be replaced by putting the name Nasrallah. Everything that the panicked said about the regional states could be replaced by the name of Iran.
The paranoid says, for example, that the “forces” program is “civil war, because it is the civil war that will lead to demographic changes that will crowd Christians, like previous dreams, in a certain area to establish a Christian canton, a Christian state and a Christian ghetto.”
This is exactly what Hezbollah is doing in Lebanon, specifically in the suburbs, and this is what the party did in Syria when it caused the deaths of millions of Syrians in defense of Assad with a despicable sectarian aggression. As well as what he did and caused panic in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq.
All of this shows, and this must be said frankly, that the page of Hakim Geagea is white compared to what the terrified Nasrallah did and is doing. Geagea did not fight for the service of a foreign country, nor did he attack, nor was he excluded, and he was and still is defending the sovereignty of the state.
While the panicked and his party killed the Prime Minister of Lebanon, politicians, and journalists, and now he is attacking everyone, countries and leaders, even the Lebanese army, on a sectarian basis. Nor can a militia leader think the thinking of a statesman.
For example, the panicked talks about oil and oil, and whoever obstructs the demarcation of the water border, the party itself, and if it wants to speed up that, it must negotiate with Israel, is it ready?
Speaking to the Lebanese Christians, the panicked says, “Anyone who wants to present you Shiites and Muslims as an enemy is injustice, slander, and a huge mine in the country.” He added, “The biggest threat to the Christian presence in Lebanon is the (Lebanese Forces) party, its leader, and its regional and international allies.”
The truth is that the Shiites are the ones who reject the party and Iran in Iraq and Lebanon, and they have paid blood and lives for that. The panicked says that, threatening that he has 100,000 fighters in Lebanon, and the truth is that this information is of more interest to Israel than the Lebanese, who might wonder who will feed these people, and at the expense of those in economically collapsing Lebanon.
The Lebanese know that these 100,000 people will vanish with the first appearance of an Israeli drone, so it is clear that they are mercenaries to intimidate the Lebanese, and this is what Hakim Geagea does not do, and will not do.
Accordingly, we say that he is terrified because he realized for the first time that there are those in Lebanon who tell him that an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, is enough for the arrogance of the party and its terrified leader. This is what Hakim Geagea did, who made Nasrallah emerge from his hole in terror to condemn himself in front of the Lebanese and the international community, particularly France, which believes that the party is a Lebanese component, while all the Lebanese are aware that it is just a militia and mercenaries for Iran.
Nasrallah’s speech shows that al-Hakim is wise, and the militia leader is just a frightened, disguised and detached from reality.

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