New imaging technology to improve vision for robots working on farms

New imaging technology to improve vision for robots working on farms
New imaging technology to improve vision for robots working on farms

To improve vision in agricultural robots, a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States, has devised a new imaging technology to improve their vision.
Researcher Dane Choi, who specializes in the field of biological activities at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the university, says that the new system relies on releasing multiple flashes of light within one second using LED lamps, and confirms that this technology can overcome many of the obstacles that affect the Clarity of vision, such as light distortion or shaking of vision caused by movement, and others, according to the German news agency.
The website “TechExplorer”, which specializes in technology, quoted Choi as saying that “this system and others will be relied upon in the future to direct self-propelled machines that are used to perform various agricultural activities such as harvesting crops, pruning trees and picking mushrooms, for example.”
Researcher Omid Mirbod, a member of the study team, stated that the new system works by an electrical circuit for storing and releasing energy and an electronic control unit to adjust settings during filming to obtain the best possible quality.
He added, “Artificial intelligence systems can take advantage of images that are rich in information, and therefore it is important for robots to take high-quality images, and for agricultural activity, for example, we need images that can overcome various external lighting conditions, so that AI systems, for example, can identify Ripe fruit during the picking process, whether in the sun or in the shade. The new system was tested in an apple orchard for three days in the summer of last year. The pictures of the fruit trees were distinguished by the high quality and color tone.

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