Turki Al-Sheikh inspects the activities of the “Riyadh Season” hours before its official launch • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Entertainment Authority, was keen to follow up and inspect the sites of the activities of the Riyadh entertainment season, hours before its official launch.

The activities of the Riyadh Season, the most prominent entertainment event in the Middle East in recent years, will start today, Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

Al-Sheikh published several photos through his official account on Twitter during the early hours of this morning, Wednesday, from his inspection tour of all the expected events, accompanied by a number of officials responsible for the Riyadh season and the preparation of various events.

Al-Sheikh appeared worried in one of the pictures, on which he commented, saying, “Lord,” hours before the start of the opening march, which includes an international concert.

A parade is the first of its kind

The activities of the season begin this year with a parade, the first of its kind on the regional level, with more than 1,500 performers in fancy dress, 2,760 drones, in addition to performances dedicated to the Samaritan dance, in an atmosphere that reflects the great demand for the Riyadh season and the increasing demand for its activities. .
The celebrations of the Riyadh season are accompanied by a set of events and shows that play a key role in the consolidation of the entertainment industry in the Kingdom, where huge fireworks are expected to be launched in the sky of Riyadh, from several locations in the city, as well as the concert of the international artist “Pitbull”, which is the most prominent event in The first evening of the season this year.


14 areas equipped with the latest international standards in logistics and luxury tools share the activities of the Riyadh Season 2021, including: “Boulevard Riyadh City” and “Via Riyadh”, which are equipped in a sustainable way to serve the people and visitors of the city of Riyadh during and after the season.
Other areas of the Riyadh season are spread in the capital, and are characterized by various events, restaurants and luxury cafes, distinguished international stores, electronic games, and tools for recreation and relaxation, namely: “Combat Field”, “Winterland”, “Riyadh Front”, “The Square”, and “Riyad Safari”, “Al-Athria”, “Oasis Riyadh”, “The Groves”, “Pulse of Riyadh”, “Zaman Village”, “The Tree of Peace” and “Khaloha”.

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