Iran flirts with Egypt in the hope of resuming relations

Iran flirts with Egypt in the hope of resuming relations
Iran flirts with Egypt in the hope of resuming relations

A high-level Iranian signal regarding the desire to “resuming relations with Egypt” brought the issue to the fore again, about a month after the foreign ministers of the two countries met, with others, on the sidelines of the United Nations meetings in New York.

The new Iranian “court” came from the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, who said yesterday that “progress in relations (between Cairo and Tehran) forward is in the interest of the region,” linking its development to talks with Saudi Arabia.

While the Egyptian Foreign Ministry did not comment on the Iranian statements, an Egyptian source familiar with the file of relations with Tehran reported that “Cairo receives almost continuously, and in an unannounced manner, messages from Tehran regarding the desire to resume relations.”

The source added to Asharq Al-Awsat: “There have been contacts (without a mediator) that took place during the past two months, but they cannot be described as political, because they were conducted at the level of Egyptian and Iranian experts and specialists, and they were exploratory, and coincided with the negotiations between Cairo and Ankara.”

Khatibzadeh’s statements come two days after the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Director-General for the Middle East and North Africa, Mir Massoud Hosseinian, announced that his country is “working to improve relations with Egypt” and that “solving the problems between Iran and Saudi Arabia may have an impact on this issue.”

Cairo always calls on the Iranian authorities to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Arab countries, and focuses in particular on “Gulf security.”
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Iran flirts Egypt hope resuming relations

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